Milford Police Department and Connecticut Highway Safety Office team up to enforce distracted driving

Milford Police will be partnering with the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) from August 4 to August 28, 2020, for the national “U Drive. U Text. U Pay.” high visibility enforcement effort.

The goal of the campaign is to step up enforcement efforts to catch distracted drivers and enforce distracted-driving laws. Over the past decade, distracted driving has become one of the leading causes of vehicle crashes on our nation’s roads.

According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, distracted driving has claimed 2,841 lives in 2018 alone. Among those killed: 1,730 drivers, 605 passengers, 400 pedestrians and 77 bicyclists.

Extra officers will be on the roads at various checkpoints from August 4 to August 28, 2020 to keep an eye out for texting and driving or using the phone while driving.

Fines in Connecticut for violations begin at $150 for a first offense, increase to $300 for a second offense, and are $500 for subsequent violations.

Texting while driving is dangerous and illegal. Break the cycle.

Remember: U Drive. U Text. U Pay


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