MADD Statement on Tragic Death of New Haven Police Officer Joshua Castellano

MADD is heartbroken over the death of New Haven officer Joshua Castellano. Our thoughts are with Officer Castellano’s family, friends and colleagues at the New Haven Police Department as they mourn this tremendous loss, made all the more tragic by allegations that the crash was caused by a fellow officer who chose to drive drunk.

MADD is here to support anyone impacted by the loss of Officer Castellano and to work with the New Haven Police Department to ensure all department employees, their family and their community have the resources they need to make the right choice to never drive impaired, every time.

Drunk driving is the leading cause of deaths and injuries on America’s roads. Yet, it is 100% preventable, 100% of the time. With all the options available, there’s never any excuse to drive while impaired by alcohol or any other drugs.



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