Steve's Dawgs - Serving lunch with a view

 Nestled in the sweet spot between the Milford Public Library parking lot and the Hotchkiss Bridge, you will find Steve's Dawgs. Steve sets up, and is open for business before noon, serving hot dogs, cold drinks, sweets, and chips to residents and employees of downtown Milford through the lunch hours. "On the weekends, I set up down there," Steve said, pointing towards the entrance of the parking lot where residents launch their boats. "As long as it's not raining, I'm here.  The boat ramp gets a good crowd on the weekends," he added. 

Today is Wednesday, so Steve is set up in his weekday spot under the shade of the tree lined harbor, at the end of the foot bridge. Steve's Dawgs has water views of Milford's boats, ducks, geese, ,swans, and various other waterfowl. Fully equipped with an umbrella, trash receptacle, and running water, Steve's Dawgs offers lunch with a fantastic view. 


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