Milford's Active Scene for Photographers

What are the chances of two photographers bumping into each other at a gazebo? Today, it was 100%.

While setting up for a photo session, I noticed someone nearby doing things very similar to what I was doing. With a few backdrops in hand, a stool, and some props, Ed Jolley was in fact, setting up a photoshoot at the Milford Green Gazebo. "What do you shoot with?" Ed asked. "Ah! Nikon, I'm a Canon guy, myself" he said, after seeing my camera. Ed went on to explain that he is a Photographer and Graphic Designer, and that he acquired this education at Gateway Community College, but has been active in photography for over fifteen years.  

Milford, CT has an active scene for photographers. Milford Photography Group, and Milford Camera Club host photoshoots, events, and meetup's on a regular basis. Another resource for photographers, is the New England Camera Council which lists photography groups throughout the Northeast.

Mr. Jolley went on to share a piece of advice with me; a tip that he finds useful. As I fumbled around for paper and pen to take notes, Ed pulled a small notebook from his shirt pocket. "I cut it," he explained, showing me the shortened pad. "I cut the notepad in half with my paper cutter. It fits in my pocket better." Handing me the small, top spiral bound notepad, I marveled at this genius modification. My note pads aren't going to know what hit them. 

Ed Jolley, pictured above, is the owner of E.J. Zone Photography.  


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