Former Woodhouse Academy Employees Arrested by Milford Police for Failure to Make DCF Report

On October 28, 2020, Milford Police took custody of David Feldman and Barbara Feldman of Shelton, in regards to active warrants for their arrest.

On October 21, 2019, Milford Police received a complaint from DCF regarding an incident that occurred in June, 2019. An investigation was conducted by Detective Gallagher who found that two students from Woodhouse Academy reported being threatened by a third student to Barbara Feldman, the director and David Feldman, the Chief Business Officer. Barbara and David Feldman conducted their own investigation and reported the incident as unfounded.

Det. Gallagher found that the Feldman’s investigation included a sexual assault disclosure that occurred off-campus but involved Woodhouse Academy students. The investigation resulted in arrest warrants being issued for David and Barbara Feldman who are accused of not making a DCF report regarding the incident reported by the students.

David and Barbara Feldman were each charged with:

Failure to Report Oral Report by Mandated Reporter

David and Barbara Feldman were released on a PTA and will appear in Milford Court on December 7, 2020


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