How to Navigate College Admissions for Students & Parents in the Face of the Coronavirus

Virtual Program on Monday, May 4 at 7pm: How to Navigate College Admissions for Students & Parents in the Face of the Coronavirus

This Zoom presentation will focus on how the Coronavirus is affecting college admissions and what impact it will have on high school students, especially sophomores and juniors. The program will cover how admissions officers are handling the current situation and what impact this will have on how applicants for the Class of 2025 will be reviewed, with respect to grades, standardized tests and extracurricular activities. We will also discuss how timing for preparing college applications will change and ways for students to use their time productively NOW to prepare.

Current high school juniors are facing several unprecedented challenges including grades for this spring marking period will be looked at with "an asterisk", several ACT and SAT tests have been cancelled and more colleges are going test optional so meaningful activities that juniors can do this summer (assuming we're past the current Coronavirus situation) will be even more heavily weighted in the college admissions process. Juniors can be proactive by using their time constructively now to work on their Personal Statement (Common App) essay, define as best they can their college list, and determine which teachers they will ask to write their recommendations. For current seniors, colleges will be using their waitlists strategically because most are concerned about filling their class, especially for schools where international students, who might not be able to get visas, make up a significant portion of their student body.

Since colleges have cancelled classes for the remainder of the Spring semester, students will not have the opportunity to tour schools when they are in session until the Fall. Therefore, planning and scheduling tours for the Fall becomes even more important.

Come join us to learn about these changes and other insights regarding the college process. The presentation will be led by Ron Feuchs and Jackie Tepper, partners at Stand Out For College, LLC.

Please RSVP to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . You will receive a private invitation with a Zoom link in reply. There is no charge for this event. 


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