Bedford Native Makes Poetry eBook Debut

Brooklyn and Mount Kisco, NY - Local poet and non-fiction writer Kaitlyn Wylde releases her debut collection of poetry, MURMURS, through Thought Catalog’s book imprint, TC Books. MURMURS will be available through Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Apple, Today, September 23, 2014.

MURMURS is a mediation on the physical and emotional health of the heart. Having grown up with a heart murmur, Kaitlyn has often been made aware of her own heartbeat, an awareness that has proven to be influential in the way she relates to others. MURMURS has a way of making the reader aware of their own heartbeat as Kaitlyn takes them through the ups and downs of an intense love. While the poems in this collection are incredibly personal, readers should not be surprised if they stop to check they own pulse as they read.

In the last year, Ms. Wylde has penned many viral articles for Thought Catalog’s website. Thanks to the support of her readers, she became inspired to write a book of poetry to continue the conversation off line. It is her belief that by making poetry accessible through electronic publishing the concept of poetry, becomes more accessible. With print sales dwindling each quarter, Ms. Wylde worried about the future of poetry, a genre she has been determined to excel in since childhood. Her response to this statistic was to go with an eBook publisher and catch the attention of readers who might not have been drawn to poetry previously.

To purchase your copy of her ebook check out her Thought Catalog Page.  For more information about the author and her other works, check out www.kaitlynwylde.com

Kaitlyn Wylde is a Brooklyn-based non-fiction writer and poet. Raised in Bedford, New York, she attended Fox Lane Middle School and High School. She graduated with a degree in poetry from the Riggio Honors Program for Creative Writing & Democracy at The New School University. Kaitlyn comes from a theatrical background and her work often blurs the lines between storytelling genres, a habit that she is happy to keep. Whether she's acting in a film, taking photographs, writing comedy or penning her next lovesick poem, she's happy to have the opportunity to tell a tale and share her life. Her willingness to open herself up to her audience has become a defining attribute of her budding career.


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