Conservation Camp in Westmoreland’s pristine woodland environment

Be prepared for epic adventures in Westmoreland’s pristine woodland environment.  Campers will hike near and far and conduct water testing, amphibian surveys, measure tree growth, remove invasive plants, band and release wild birds, conduct game camera studies, and more.  

April 11th-14th  Ages 7-9: 9 am – 12 pm  Ages 10-15:   9 am – 3 pm

To learn more, visit Westmoreland's website here.

  • Ages 7-9:     
  • Fee:  Members $150/Nonmembers $200
  • Daily:  Members $40/Nonmembers $50
  • Ages 10-15:   
  • Fee:  Members $250/Nonmembers $300
  • Daily:  Members $75/Nonmembers $85


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