New Saw Mill River Parkway Closings/Detours in Pleasantville Begin August 6th

There will be a second phase of detours that will impact traffic along the parkway in Pleasantville.

During the 21-Day Summer Detour commencing on August 6th the traffic and pedestrians conditions will be as follows:

  • The two southbound lanes of the SMRP will be closed 24/7.
  • Pedestrians will NOT be allowed to cross the SMRP at Grant Street.  
  • Westbound traffic on Grant Street will not be allowed to onto or be able cross the SMRP
  • Eastbound traffic on Grant Street will not be allowed onto or be able to cross the SMRP
  • Northbound traffic on the SMRP will be able to exit off the SMRP at Grant Street and travel eastbound on Grant Street
  • The two traffic signals at the SMRP/Grant Street intersection will either be turned off and “bagged” completely, or the traffic signals facing north/south direction on the SMRP will be set to FLASHING YELLOW and the signals facing the east/west direction of Grant Street will be FLASHING RED. Either way traffic on Grant Street traveling eastbound or westbound will NOT be allowed to cross the SMRP nor be allowed to turn onto the SMRP.


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