Help Keep Your Child and Dog Safe

Children all across the country are starting school this week. They are going to school to LEARN. They also need to learn how to interact appropriately and safely with dogs. That is not something they will learn in school, this is something you must teach at home (just like you would any other aspect of safety & respect).

- Dogs are NOT ponies - Children shouldn’t ride them.

- Dogs are NOT stuffed animals - Children shouldn’t hug them.

- Dogs are NOT responsible human adults - Children shouldn’t be left unsupervised with them.

- Dogs ARE sensitive - Their ears, tail, lips, etc. should be left alone (not pulled or grabbed).

- Dogs ARE animals - Their food/water bowls should be avoided (not played with).

- Dogs ARE living beings - They should be respected.

Even the most “good natured” dog and “well-mannered” child can make a mistake. As responsible adults, it’s our job to advocate for the respect and safety of both dog and child. www.SRDogTraining.com


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