New Canaan Police Urge Residents: Don't Leave Your Home in the Dark!

With the weekend here, many residents travel or are away from their homes. NCPD would like to provide some tips for how to help prevent residential burglaries:
1. Lock all windows/doors and set your alarm with motion sensors activated. Make sure the residence is secure and no spare keys are left outside.
2. Use motion or sensors lights on the interior AND exterior of your house. Leaving a single light on inside the house can alert someone that no other lights have gone off or on at the house. Exterior motion lights can deter someone who may walk on the property.
3. Stop all mail through the USPS or any company delivering packages to prevent mail from being stolen or piling up and indicating no one is home to pick it up.
4. Alert trusted neighbors and friends that you are away so that neighbors close by can keep an eye out for any unusual activity and friends or family can check on the house from time to time if possible.
5. Call New Canaan Police if you see anything suspicious or call 911 in an emergency. Try to collect as much information as you can about the incident such as noting what people are wearing and what a car looks like/what license plate it has.
6. Have security cameras installed and make sure they are active and recording. This can serve as a deterrent and is also beneficial for police investigations should an incident occur.
As always, if you see something say something! NCPD is always here to help and we hope this collaborative effort of active patrolling and prevention efforts can help reduce burglaries and other crimes.

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Submitted by New Canaan, CT

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