Stamford Nonprofit Crowdfunding to Create Student DocuDrama

Stamford nonprofit LiveGirl, created to help middle-school-age girls realize their potential, has partnered with actress Sabrina Thompson's KUU productions and The Impact Vine (www.TheImpactVine.org) to create a docudrama focused on helping middle-school aged girls overcome the pressures of social media, titled "One Million Likes."

See their crowdfunding project and video here: https://theimpactvine.org/project/fund-a-docudrama-a-million-likes-to-help-middle-school-girls-navigate-social-media-pressure/

LiveGirl and KUU Productions will partner to produce one 90 second video campaign for social media and one 6-8 minute DocuDrama video campaign, to be packaged as a middle school assembly kit with discussion guide and Q&A. LiveGirl will roll-out to Fairfield County middle schools during the 2017-18 school year.

According to Live Girl founder, New Canaan's Sheri West, "Middle school girls today are vulnerable as they face adolescent pressures amplified by social media.  (Only 4% of teen girls are comfortable talking with a parent, teacher, or counselor when they feel anxious or depressed, and teen female depression and suicide rates are increasing at an “alarming” pace, according to the CDC)."

About KUU Productions:

  • KUU Productions (kuuproductions.com) is a dynamic media production company whose work has been featured on NBC, CBS, Entertainment Tonight, The New York Times, People Magazine, ESSENCE, Ebony. Sabrina Thompson, CEO, is also the founder of WEEN (Women in Entertainment Network), a NYC-based women’s non-profit which currently has over 80,000 members.



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