The Vanishing Honey Bee Presented by Howland Blackiston at New Canaan Library

Fresh, sweet honey is definitely a desired result of beekeeping, but by far not the only reason this hobby is seeing a resurgence lately. Join New Canaan Library on Thursday, July 26 at 6:30 pm for a fascinating and informative talk by Howland Blackiston on the ecological value of beekeeping. The event takes place in the Adrian Lamb Room; please register online at newcanaanlibrary.org.

For a long time, the agricultural community has recognized the value of pollination by bees, and how critical that is to growing crops. But in the last several years, millions of colonies of Honey Bees have been wiped out by something called “Colony Collapse Disorder.” Honey Bees are facing a crisis, and perhaps as a result there has been a dramatic growth in the interest of keeping Honey Bees as a hobby. Howland Blackiston, author of Beekeeping for Dummies, will speak about the remarkable Honey Bee, its benefits on our daily lives, why they are vanishing and what we can do the preserve their future.


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