New Canaan Library Hosts Program, Recycling 101: What’s In, What’s Out and Why

New Canaan Library, in partnership with Planet New Canaan and the Town of New Canaan, invites all to get the straight facts on recycling, which has become a more complex issue of late. The Library will host a panel of experts, including Tiger Mann, Director of New Canaan Public Works, to shed light on the latest news in recycling.

The event takes place on Tuesday, April 2 at 10:30 a.m. in the Library's Adrian Lamb Room. Please register for this program online at newcanaanlibrary.org

New Canaan’s Tiger Mann, Director of NC Public Works, will be joined by Jennifer Heaton-Jones, Executive Director of the Housatonic Resources Recovery Authority, and a representative from City Carting to give the audience the necessary information to get recycling right. Confusion about what’s acceptable, doubts about where it all goes and whether costs outweigh benefits are questions that can’t afford to be left unanswered. With municipal budgets stretched to the max and the effects of climate change looming large, it’s critical for all to understand the proper way to recycle in New Canaan--and the cost when we get it wrong. Some of the topics to be covered include straight talk on the “how” and “why” of recycling in our town. What can and can’t be recycled? How does recycling get contaminated and what are the

consequences to our budget? Who (individual, hauler, Town) is responsible for what? How does the Transfer Station work? Where are the markets for recycled materials? This and more, with time for a Q & A following the panel presentation.


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