Let the Sun Shine in


January is a month of vulnerability for some of us, I personally feel fragile. The excitement of the holiday season has abruptly stopped, the weather is raw and nothing is in bloom outside. I, also, cannot think of any other month that I appreciate the sun more. To keep me going I write my monthly BLOG and start on plans for the year ahead. 

If your garden has been cleverly designed to maximize your 'view from within' you are set, if not your month should be filled with exciting dreams and plans for 2018 and beyond.  

Exposed in winter the bones or structure are the beginnings of a good garden design and it is also where it ends. A well-placed chair or desk is the absolute best when the sun suddenly comes dancing in. Mystifying, it appears to have draped itself across your hedges, topiaries, and trees.

A winter walk on the grounds and forest at The New York Botanical Garden has remarkable reminders of winter colors for local suggestive plant material. You will find that now the Maple Collection, Perennial Garden and Ornamental Conifers are worth a visit. 

However, if you want to truly explore, plan a trip to visit Le Vasterival - a garden of passions. Located near Dieppe, France - the late Princess Sturdza mastered the woodland in color. On a future post I will share my fascinating 4- hour garden walk with her, her Dachshunds and her silver serviced black coffee in the cold drizzle alongside the tennis court.

For now it's back to plans and house hunting, that will be a big project! Start dreaming and let the sunshine in.


Image: Sandra pictured with her beloved Dachshund Violette basking in the Winter Sunshine

Sandra Visnapuu is President of SEV Design Group and has been realizing peoples dreams for over 30-years. From pruning and planting, to orchestrating entire garden overhauls. 

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