New Canaan COVID Update: Seven New Cases, Executive Order Allowing Municipalities to Issue Fines for Failure to Wear Mask or Comply with Gathering Restrictions

This evening, Friday, September 18, First Selectman Kevin Moynihan and this is First Selectman Kevin Moynihan provided the New Canaan community a COVID-19 update and reported seven new positive COVID-19 test results reported for New Canaan residents since his update last Friday. Six of the new cases are college students currently residing out of state at their schools. The seventh is a middle-age individual currently residing out of state and isolating at home.

Moynihan went on to say the following:

Our Health Department also notes that there have been 147 negative test results reported to the state Department of Public Health for New Canaan residents this past week. You can find complete information about our coronavirus cases since March on the COVID-19 page of the Town website at www.newcanaan.info.

We would like to remind all residents to please continue to practice social distancing when out in public, wearing masks when social distancing cannot be maintained, and washing or sanitizing hands frequently especially after contact with public surfaces. It is also important to remind everyone that in our downtown business district mask-wearing is required since social distancing is generally hard to achieve on busy sidewalks. We kindly ask parents to please remind your children to wear masks when downtown and not to congregate in front of businesses. We all must continue to work together to keep our community transmission of the virus low and our town safe.

This week Governor Lamont issued an Executive Order which authorizes municipalities to issue fines for violators of mask compliance and Sector Rules events guidelines. The fines are $100 for failure to wear a mask where required, $500 for hosting, sponsoring or organizing an event that is in violation of Sector Rules for indoor and outdoor events, and $250 for attending an event that is in violation of Sector Rules. As a reminder, the Sector Rules maximum capacities remain 25 for indoor events and 100 for outdoor events.

We remind you that if you travel to any of the states on the Governor’s list of coronavirus hot states (except for less than 24 hours), you must quarantine for 14 days upon your return home or fulfill the testing requirements in the new Executive Order 9B and complete the travel form found on the State website.

For the most current complete list of applicable states and to download the travel form please visit the State’s coronavirus website (https://portal.ct.gov.Coronavirus/travel). Stay safe, New Canaan.


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