Stamford Symphony is now Orchestra Lumos

The Stamford Symphony announced that it has rebranded itself as Orchestra Lumos, effective immediately. This rebrand, far from a superficial or merely aesthetic transformation, is a complete makeover of the institution from top to bottom, with significant changes implemented to its mission, programming, and education & community engagement.

As Orchestra Lumos, this storied institution, once representing only the town of Stamford, Connecticut, has removed its geographical boundaries in order to engage the wider Fairfield County community - both in terms of numbers as well as demographics - in meaningful, sustainable ways.

President and CEO Russell Jones states: “Orchestra Lumos will be integral to making Fairfield County a dynamic place to live, work, raise families, and enjoy a stellar quality of life. We are thrilled to serve the breadth of our community through innovative, often culturally attuned programming; partnerships with diverse local arts and cultural organizations; and ever-expanding, practical education initiatives that nurture both musical and life skills—and build the audiences of the future. Orchestra Lumosstrivesto be a musical beacon close to home; we invite you to share in the joy, passion, and inspiration of music-making from Fairfield County, and beyond.”

An effective development strategy is instrumental in the realization of this rebrand.

The Orchestra’s recently-launched Crescendo Fund, for artistic, educational, and community growth, will ensure that new local markets are reached, public school students in the county are engaged, and the Orchestra is able to look through a wider lens at its programming. The Fund’s goal of adding $1 million a year to the Orchestra’s budget, within the next five years, has already raised $4 million in pledges and is ahead of schedule, signifying the high level of commitment from the Stamford Symphony’s patrons and supporters as it transitions to Orchestra Lumos.

Additionally, the recent awarding of a $75,000 Catalyst Fund Incubator Grant from the League of American Orchestras will make Orchestra Lumos a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive institution, actively deepening its connection to Fairfield County’s thriving Latinx and African American communities in purposeful and consistent ways. Orchestra Lumos’ musical choices, collaborations, engagement, and internal structure is diversifying.

The Mayor of Stamford, Caroline Simmons has voiced her support for the upcoming changes: “It is with great pride that I congratulate Stamford Symphony on its revitalized image as Orchestra Lumos. This particular institution, a cultural staple in our community life, has been a champion for the performing arts and music in Stamford for more than sixty years. The benefits of having an orchestra of world-class musicians in our hometown cannot be overstated, and expanding Orchestra Lumos’ engagement to our neighboring communities means not only a more culturally rich Fairfield County, but a more closely-knit one as well."

In addition to Orchestra Lumos’s eleven mainstage performances at The Palace Theater in Stamford, the 2022/23 season also comprises seven small space concerts (Greenwich, New Canaan, Stamford, Westport) as well as its vast offerings to the Fairfield County community and its schools.


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