Guild Summer Salon at Silvermine Galleries

Guild Summer Salon at Silvermine Galleries through AUGUST 24

Experience the vibrant creativity of Silvermine Guild of Artists' members in the Summer Salon, showcasing fresh creations across a diverse spectrum of styles and mediums. This yearly exhibition honors our exceptionally talented painters, sculptors, printmakers, mixed media artists, and fiber artisans.

Whether you're an established art collector or just beginning your journey, the Summer Salon offers an array of artwork spanning various price ranges and artistic genres. From the contemporary to the traditional, there's something to suit every budget and aesthetic taste, making this exhibition a must-attend event for all art enthusiasts.

The roots of the Silvermine Guild of Artists extend deep into the past, with its formation dating back to 1922 and its official incorporation taking place in 1924. However, its origins stretch even further into the early 1900s, originating from the renowned sculptor Solon Borglum's critique group known as the Knockers Club. From these humble beginnings, the guild has emerged as a vibrant center, attracting and nurturing an array of the Northeast's most gifted artists. Over the years, the guild's membership has flourished, now boasting nearly 300 talented artist members.

The Silvermine Guild of Artists is currently open for Guild Membership applications. The deadline for submission is October 2, 2023

Apply here: https://www.silvermineart.org/guild/

Silvermine Galleries Hours | Tuesday–Saturday: 10am–4pm



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