New Canaan COVID Response and Recovery Update: 3% of Residents Positive for Antibodies, Phase 2 Reopening, and More

Last night, New Canaan First Selectman Kevin Moynihan updated the community on COVID-19 response and recovery. Here's what he had to say:
We have now completed 3,021 COVID-19 tests over the past 7 weeks through our local Community Testing program. Only three presumed PCR positive cases were found, of which two have since retested negative. We found only 95 antibody positive cases, or about 3%, which shows that very few New Canaanites have contracted the virus thus far. In addition, Waveny Care Center, the largest private employer in New Canaan has been testing all of its employees weekly for the last two weeks with no positive cases and no positive cases for any of its patients or residents. This supports our conclusions that the first wave of the novel virus is behind us and that the presence of the virus in our immediate community as of this moment in time is currently extremely low, but still present. 
As you may have read in the press this week, an employee of the YMCA’s daycare program who resides in Stamford tested positive last Friday and the YMCA is handling the situation In accordance with State guidelines. It is important to understand that technically this is not a New Canaan case under State reporting requirements, but a City of Stamford case. However, this case does remind us that the virus can travel to New Canaan.
When you analyze New Canaan’s COVID case rate, you see the superb job our community, our local healthcare providers, and agencies have done to get us to this position. This hard work and dedication to our community’s health can easily be undone by only a few of our citizens’ or neighbors’ careless behavior. 
We see now with every news broadcast the price to our local communities when we do not abide by the practices that got us to Phase Two. Please remain diligent in the adherence to the practices of wearing masks when indoors and in public places, social distancing when in crowded areas, and frequent washing of hands to minimize the risk of transmission of the virus. You need only look at what is happening in other parts of the country to realize that it takes only one person not adhering to guidelines or traveling to and from a hot spot to spread this very transmittable virus and to create a new crisis in New Canaan. If not for yourself, please think of others who may have pre-existing conditions and can ill afford to be inflicted. Take action, be part of the solution.
It is not surprising that having now tested well over 10% of our population, the demand for testing has declined considerably. While we will be pausing our local testing program until August, if you have not been tested and feel symptomatic, please contact you primary care provider to consult and obtain a prescription to be tested. There is a list of area testing sites on the Town’s website at the COVID 19 page.
Phase 2 re-opening of businesses and public activities is underway and we each have a role in whether we move forward or must reverse course. Please remember to support our local businesses and restaurants as they continue to re-engage safely. They need your support more than ever before and thanks for the sacrifices that they have made, as well. 
As we reopen Town facilities, we remind everyone again to be cautious with frequent hand washing, social distancing and wearing of masks. When you get the chance, please thank our local healthcare providers and first responders. They have been courageous and deserve our greatest appreciation and continued support for being on the front lines and risking their own health to care for our residents and loved ones. 
Finally, as we approach the holiday weekend, while our annual tradition of the Family 4th at Waveny Park will not be possible this year due to COVID-19, residents are encouraged to have a virtual fireworks celebration at home on Channel 79 on July 3rd and 4th at 3:00 pm, 5:00 pm, 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm or you can stream the 26-minute program online from the link on the Town’s website under News. 
I wish you all a fun and healthy Independence Day Celebration. Stay safe, New Canaan. Our future with this pandemic is within our control.


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