Why Small Businesses Matter in New Canaan (Reimagined): Against The Grain

Why Small Businesses Matter Reimagined

Small businesses matter - now more than ever. They are answering the call with innovation and determination like never before.

We hope you join us in supporting them by sharing their story far and wide and shopping local! We are thankful to Fairfield County Bank for their continued support and making this series possible.

Step inside Against The Grain

Three questions with Chris Meier, founder of Against The Grain. 


What do you want the community to know? Are there ways for the community to help you and other local businesses to prosper?

During this time, we've enjoyed being able to help people create outdoor spaces for themselves and their families. We've become the go-to location in Fairfield County to find the best Adirondack Chairs on the market, and we really felt we were able to address that specific need for people. The town of New Canaan really allowed us to showcase our beautiful chairs during a tough time when people were not allowed to come to the store. That sense of small-town community is always felt by not just town officials but also the customers that went out of their way to call or email us when closed to order furniture. We greatly appreciate it!

Are you offering any new products or ways for customers to purchase your products or services that are popular during this crisis?

In addition to our top-quality, recycled, poly lumber Adirondack chairs which are hand-made in Pennsylvania by Amish builders, we added additional Teak and eucalyptus wood dining sets and sectionals which have sold very well. We wanted to provide a range of outdoor furniture that could create an entire outdoor room. We also started selling gas and wood-burning fire pits. Our Steel firepits are made in the UK and are the best steel firepits on the market!

Please share the ways your business is adapting to keep your customers and employees safe in addition to the standard guidelines

We've adapted by adding many of our top sellers on our website at Shopthegrain.com. We also try to update what's in stock since the demand is so high and we have been selling our outdoor furniture so quickly. Of course, we also can take custom orders as well on the website, but having the immediate gratification of buying a chair that's in-stock will always be a bonus for our customers.

Chris Meier nominates Connecticut Muffin in New Canaan - "Since they've been open through this pandemic and always there to provide me with my coffee and breakfasts."

Against The Grain is located at 91 Main St. in New Canaan. Visit Against The Grain online here.

HamletHub thanks Fairfield County Bank for making our Why Small Businesses Matter series possible!


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