New Canaan Planning and Zoning Approves Library Plan!

Today marks a momentous turning point in the 144-year history of New Canaan Library. Last night the New Canaan Planning and Zoning Commission voted to approve the library’s plan and we are thrilled to have the green light to begin. We will now start to move forward to build the beautiful Library and Green. This is wonderfully good news for the whole town.
Thanks go to the Library Board past and present, the volunteers, and the library team, who have all been working for over a decade to get to this point. We are gratified by the support and input from so many who encouraged and supported the library and the project. The new library will provide the resources, spaces and services that underpin a vibrant and resilient community; enhancing the quality of life for all and serving as a magnet to attract new families to town. In two years, when this new, modern library is complete it will show our town’s commitment to lifelong learning, be a platform to celebrate the arts, and be a forum for sharing ideas and a plurality of viewpoints. It will be a sustainably designed, efficient building that brings people together to strengthen our community and create new knowledge in a welcoming setting.
The New New Canaan Library will be a world-class community asset that everyone will be proud to call their own! As part of our approval, we will also work with the town on a solution that satisfies the condition regarding the original structure and contributes to the design of the whole campus and honors its history.
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