Golf Performance Center gives junior golfers personalized roadmap to become a college golfer

How have top college players unlocked their peak performance? 

Golf Performance Center is the answer.

Two years ago we set out to work with the college programs across the country to identify what allows top college golfers – including the #1 player in the world – to play their best day in and day out. What we found was shocking!

It also led us to create the latest version of the Player Development Index, the game’s first tool that combines the measurements of a player’s physical movement with their golf skills to truly understand their game.

This summer, we are offering two full-day PDI events (Saturday, July 23 and Friday, August 19) at The Golf Performance Center for serious junior golfers that want to:

  • Learn how top college players unlock their peak performance

  • See your direct comparison to top college players

  • Receive a personalized roadmap to become a college golfer 

The cost is $699.00 per player

AS AN ADDED BONUS, you will receive a free 1-year premium membership to Junior Golf Hub app – a $129 value – to give you the tools, knowledge and support to get recruited.

Limited spots available. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To learn more, click HERE.



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