New Fairfield Bank Robber Detained



An attempted robbery in New Fairfield last Friday has led to the arrest of New Fairfield Resident, Robert Rustigan of East Charcoal Road. Rustigan, 53, who at the time of the robbery reportedly seemed disheveled, entered the Webster Bank at 1 Brush Hill Road in New Fairfield and handed the teller a note demanding cash. $1,300 dollars were later recovered from his vehicle.

A cell phone photo was taken of Rustigan's license plate by a resident who was unaware of the robbery taking place inside of the bank; he simply was bothered by the way the black truck was carelessly parked. Little did he know he was capturing a piece of evidence that would lead the cops to Rustigan.

Rustigan was arrested on one account of Robbery in the 2nd degree, Larceny in the 4th degree and Breach of Peace in the 4th degree, and was brought to Danbury Hospital where he was being held for court-ordered psychiatric evaluation. His bond is set at $50,000. His is set to appear later this month in the Superior Court of Danbury.