New Fairfield Food Center: A Community Staple

New Fairfield Deli

by Jessica Mihaleas

As a presence in New Fairfield for over four decades, Johnny’s New Fairfield Food Center seems to only get better with age. After updating their store layout and design as well as creating a web presence with an easy-to-use website and a Facebook page, the Food Center continues to deliver quality, friendly service with the same dedication that started the family business in 1969.

With a costumer-friendly layout, the deli and supermarket at the Food Center cater to community shoppers. Deli counter service is always delivered with a smile, and the grocery isles are stocked with a mix of name brands and homemade specialties patrons won’t find anywhere else. The community feel is complete with personalized “Johnny’s NF Food Center” rugs and an ample supply of child-sized shopping carts. A favorite feature of Johnny’s is the Pick 5 monthly sale. Specially marked items at the deli counter as well as the supermarket isles participate in this “5 for $25” deal, saving you money on fresh items, like the Food Center’s own sirloin burgers, and family staples, like Pepsi and Chobani yogurt.

Good deals and great service aren’t the only things that keep New Fairfield residents returning to the Food Center time and time again. It’s hard to find a better deli sandwich within the town lines of New Fairfield. Whether your favorite is a classic, like the CT Italian Combo, complete with imported ham, salami, and pepperoni, or an eclectic choice like the Big D, featuring fresh-cut roast beef and store-made cole slaw, Johnny’s specialty sandwiches have something for everyone. The New Fairfield classic sandwich, the Big Ott, still graces the deli menu today with store-made chicken cutlets, Pepper Jack cheese, and Ranch dressing.

It is clear that the NF Food Center isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Armed with a staff dedicated to top-notch service and quality of product, Johnny and his family are continuing the mission they started 44 years ago with the same strength of service and quality that has made them the community staple they are today.