Join the "Friends of Melissa" and The Knights of Columbus in the search for a kidney donor for Carmel woman

The Friends of Melissa is an informal group in Carmel trying to help Melissa Manfredi, a long time Carmel resident, in her search for a kidney and you may be able to help! The Knights of Columbus are also getting involved as Melissa is the wife of a long time member of the local Council, Robert Manfredi. Both Melissa and Robe have been very active in local organizations and have given so much to the community they call home. Melissa no longer has either of her kidneys, and has been undergoing debilitating dialysis treatments three times a week for close to seven years. 

Melissa had a kidney donor lined up, and waited patiently over the past 7 years for all of the medical clearances required for both her and her donor. Unfortunately, Melissa recently learned that her donor will not be able to donate a kidney. The waiting list for kidney donors is very long, so Melissa is hoping that somebody in our caring and supportive community will step forward and be a donor. 

Healthy people are born with two kidneys, which filter waste in the body, release hormones that control blood pressure, and help make red blood cells and vitamin D.

The first step to becoming a donor is very simple: Just fill out a one-page "Potential Kidney Donor Questionnaire" from New York-Presbyterian Hospital. It can be returned by mail or fax using the information at the top of the form, or you can return it to the Carmel Knights of Columbus Council located at 10 Fair Street. 

This questionnaire will help the transplant center make sure there are no medical or other reasons why you would not be a good candidate to be a donor. After your questionnaire is reviewed, you will be informed if you can proceed with a compatibility assessment, which requires a simple blood test that can be performed in wide variety of locations. 

The Knights of Columbus remember and remind people that Charity of the first principle of our Order. In that spirit, please join the Knights of Columbus in praying that the right person will find it in his or her heart to fill out the questionnaire and send it in for review. Be a Friend of Melissa. Send in your questionnaire today! 

You can download the questionnaire here: http://carmelknights org/DonorQ_Manfredi.pdf

For more information, contact the Our Lady of the Lakes Council Grand Knight, Ralph Fleischman, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . 


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