Putnam Service Dogs has placed 4 dogs since June 2020

Putnam Service Dogs changes lives - 1 dog at a time. Since June 2020, they’ve matched and placed their first 4 dogs. These very special, rare dogs are changing the lives of their recipients, and their families. These dogs were placed to help a woman with brain cancer, a woman with mobility issues, a young girl with epilepsy, and a young boy who is deaf.

These 4 dogs have been called miracles, awesome, BFF, and 4 legged angels by those who now live with them. They were trained by Putnam Service Dogs for 1.5 - 2 years to achieve their level of obedience, and responsiveness to cues. One is a standard poodle donated to Putnam Service Dogs by her breeder. The other 3 dogs, all mixed breed dogs, are from North Shore Animal League America. Before adopting them, Putnam Service Dogs carefully assessed them. All presented themselves as intelligent, people oriented, responsive to training, and focused.They ranged from 8 weeks to 2.5 years old. They retrieve dropped items, help their people navigate through their lives and environment, and love their people deeply. These 4 dogs have changed lives.

Putnam Service Dogs is 4 years old, and trains service dogs for people with physical disabilities other than blindness. Their service dogs are free. Their pups in training live with their volunteer puppy raisers until they are ready to enter the last part of their training. They then live with Putnam Service Dogs’ trainers. Putnam Service Dogs does not yet have a Center (a multi-million dollar project). They’re planning to launch their Capital Campaign at the end of 2021 to raise funds for their Center.

Putnam Service Dogs is currently seeking volunteer puppy raisers. The application, and more information can be found on their website, putnamservicedogs.org., or call 917- 449-5359. Volunteer puppy raisers are indispensable to their mission. This is a volunteer opportunity that will thoroughly engage and challenge you. You’ll be making a difference. Putnam Service Dogs changes lives - 1 dog at a time…. and you could raise it!

Putnam Service Dogs is a 501(c)3, Platinum Guidestar, BBB accredited nonprofit


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