Community Sound Bath on Friday October 18

Enjoy an hour of Sound Healing with Khem Reyall & the Happy Rainbows community. This is a time to relax, and connect back to Mother Earth and Great Spirit. Please bring your own yoga mats & pillows. Donations appreciated.

Friday, October 18

6 PM – 7 PM
Happy Rainbows
11 Route 39 north, Sherman, Connecticut 06784


Khem Reyall is a Sekhem Sound Healer from Connecticut that started her healing journey as a young girl. In her own personal awakening was the encouragement of her Spirit Guides calling for her to use her voice and creative gifts to spread love and light. To specify Khems background, she embarked upon her healing path by enrolling as a student at Sage Academy of Sound Energy in Woodstock New York. She later received credentials under Diane Ruth Shewmaker who was taught by Patrick Ziegler, founder of the organization for All Love Sekhem Healing & Teaching in our modern age. Her practice includes tuning the energy field with healing frequencies of the human voice, Ancient Egyptian Healings of Sekhem, as well as instruments such as the Tuning Forks, Indian Shruti Box, Himalayan Singing Bowls and much more. Sekhem Sound Healing creates a beautiful balance and harmony in a person's body, spirit, and mind.


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