SlimPossible Weight Loss Challenge

SlimPossible Weight Loss Challenge begins May 3.  As with all of the Synergy3 programs, the focus is on adopting a whole food diet, improving sleep, reducing stress and exercising.  We know that this focus gives long lasting results.  SlimPossible is a 9 week program, focusing on those concepts in relation to weight loss.  All recipes are delicious as always, and also structured for weight loss.  Participants will get the following:

  1. 70 recipes that are delicious and nutritious
  2. An informative E-guide highlighting lifestyle strategies for weight loss
  3. Accountability and support to encourage exercise and proper eating to support weight loss
  4. Group exercises, yoga, stretching, walking, etc., encourage participants to move their bodies in fun ways
  5. Stress reduction to enhance sleep and decrease stress hormones which impact weight
  6. Access to 3 health coaches
  7. Check in to help create strategies to avoid distraction from the plan

All this for only $349.  Register now to get started and get ready for the warm weather.  www.thesynergy3.com/program-weight-loss


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