The Rubber Band Bracelet Craze (and Where to Find Them in New Fairfield)


Move aside pet rocks and jelly shoes because it's official - the rubber band bracelet trend has definitely taken over! These bracelets, which are similar to the silly band trend from a few years ago, are made with small rubber bands. There are many bracelet kits in the market. Each kit comes with the rubber bands, a surface in which to design the bracelets, and a clasp to secure the bracelet. The rubber bands come in different colors, and kids can design their own bracelet using different techniques and colors. The possibilities are endless - maybe that's why the bracelets have become popular.

I'm not sure how or why the bracelets have suddenly become popular, but like all crazes, no one really knows the answer to that. What I find interesting, though, is that kids of all ages are attracted to the bracelets. My younger brother received a bracelet from his friend a week ago and, today in school, I saw many teenagers wearing them as well.

These trends come and go quickly. One day, no one's heard of them, and the next, everyone knows what they are. The thing is, though, these trends have been around forever. Remember the Pet Rock trend from the 90's? What I find interesting is that every year there is at least one thing that suddenly shoots up to popularity and suddenly everyone needs to have that item.

If you're having any trouble finding rubber band bracelets (as we all know they tend to run out quickly in stores once they hit their peak), have no fear because Sarah's Gift 'n' Ship right in the center of town is keeping them in full stock. We have heard it through the grapevine that she has been busy ordering them in all sorts of great colors including neon, glow in the dark, and tie dye bands. 

editor's note: Krushangi Maisuria is a regular contributor to Fairfield HamletHub. In this installment, she writes about the "Newest Craze: Intricate Rubber Band Bracelets". 



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