Two local moms bring revolutionary household product to market

Two local mompreneurs have created a product that makes a daily and messy household task eezy.

Conceived when chatter ensued over a friendly cup of tea, Stacey Lokey of Newtown and Oxford resident, Carolyn Caplik longed for a simpler and more efficient way to deal with the daily task of taking out the garbage.  “It started with a perforated roll of garbage bags in a tissue box,” explains Newtown resident, Stacey Lokey. ”We stuck the tissue box on the bottom of the pail, put the garbage bags inside and pulled it up - it worked,” she says with a broad smile.

From prototype to Garbage-eez®: the duo proudly brought their product  to market under the umbrella of their company MOM-EEZ just 6 months ago. Presently on the shelves of hardware stores in Westport, Monroe, Newtown and Bethel Connecticut, the product is also sold online at Garbage-eez.com. “We are trying to blanket the area,” says Lokey.

The patented product dispenses .9 MIL, 13-16 gallon tall kitchen garbage bags from the bottom of your pail. With the recyclable Garbage-eez® dispenser, garbage bag storage and removal is clean and easy. “We have a design patent for the packaging and the actual label serves as a gutter guard to protect the bags should they ever leak,” says Lokey. “You’re saving time, steps, storage,” she says.

Lokey and Caplik would like to thank the local businesses and professionals who helped bring to Garbage-eez® to market including, Matt Wutka, owner of Merchandising Partners; Carson Fincham, Ridgefield Patent Attorney; and Kimberly Caplik who created Garbage-eez® “Go-Go Garbage Girl” logo design.

Click HERE to view the exclusive Garbage-eez demo video and to find out where you can purchase this revolutionary and local product.

HamletHub congratulates these two creative, local entrepreneurs! Shark Tank bound? Stay tuned.


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