On the Children's Shelf: The Magic of Pop-Up Books

I love when I read a book and the story comes alive. It feels like scenes jump off the page, and I can picture them so perfectly. I can picture the lost city of Atlantis in Keeper of the Lost Cities. I feel like I've walked under the floating candles in the Great Hall at Hogwarts. I've had chills as I walked through the Forbidden Forrest with Hagrid. The rich details paint a picture in my mind that I remember as well as many of my actual memories of events that happened in my life.
As the words and story come to life in my mind, I like to imagine the words transforming into a scene above the book, the one I picture as I read. So it might make sense that I also have a weakness for pop-up books. I love that from the outside, it looks like any other book until you open that first page, and the story literally jumps off the page and takes form in front of you. 
Over the past two years, I've found several cool Harry Potter pop up books, and we all love watching the story unfold before our eyes. A few weeks ago, I stopped by Booksy Galore in Pound Ridge and found a beautiful pop-up copy of The Snow Queen. There's a scene in the book featuring a sleigh and horses, and the pop-up picture is magical. 
While my children are past the age of picture books, something special happens when they open a pop-up book. Pop-up books are like a little bit of book magic, and we are never too old for a little bit of magic.


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