A Global Kindness Movement: Relay For Life of New Fairfield

Did you know Relay For Life of New Fairfield is taking on their 14th year? A year of terrible storms, then a year of Covid Quarantine, unrest and a recession; that would be enough to deter most people; but not us! This year alone, there are going to be at least 20,000 new Cancer cases (brand new, not recurrences)... IN CONNECTICUT! On top of that, cancer patients are having a tougher time than ever trying to access treatment in a timely and safe manner. It is more important than ever to take care of one another and we will not stop. 


Relay For Life of New Fairfields Event Leadership Team has been working tirelessly to observe, adapt and react to each new day in this unprecedented time. We are changing things up, addressing concerns and looking to support cancer patients every month of the year, not just at our Event in June. Though we are always looking for new help, your Event Leadership Team for 2021 is currently a rowdy bunch of passionate people. 


Kelsey MeGettigan - American Cancer Society Community Representative

Amber St Hilaire - Social Media & Publicity, Team Coach, and Entertainment Committee

Elpida Bauman - Fundraising and Sponsorship Committee

Jacquie Hancock - Fundraising and Sponsorship Committee

Jody Cohen - Luminaria Committee

Patty Neal-Petrillo - Survivor and Caregiver Committee

Samantha Petrillo - Survivor and Caregiver Committee & First Aid and Security

Sue St Hilaire - Registration and Paperwork, Entertainment Committee

Tim Engstrom - Team Recruitment and Volunteer Coordinator 


Working alongside this feisty bunch is, hopefully,  a student committee composed of equally passionate youth. Cancer does not discriminate. It is not something that affects one person over another. Young and old, male and female, healthy and unhealthy alike. Registering for Relay For Life is a commitment to community; an agreement to care about those among us who are sick. Today you may be saving a school teacher or a young student but tomorrow you may be saving yourself or someone you love. Cancer patients and research need us now more than ever and we cannot falter. Registration will be opening soon. Check out www.relayforlife.org/newfairfieldct and look out on our Social Media pages.

Just imagine having a cancer diagnosis and needing to go to the Cancer Center alone, sitting in a room for 6 hours alone, just sitting with your thoughts. I don’t know about you, but I would be terrified. Let’s provide hope and funds so hopefully we can all be less alone and truly find the cure. Join the Kindness movement and change a life today. Email us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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