Candlewood Lake Authority and FirstLight Power Remind Public to Practice Safe Boating

With the recreational boating season nearly here, the Candlewood Lake Authority and FirstLight Power are urging the public to practice safe boating and exercise caution when enjoying the lake and Housatonic River. 
“Memorial Day is the traditional start of boating season, but we’re already seeing boats, canoes, and kayaks out on the water. The water is still quite cold and river currents can be very strong, so please be extra careful if you go out,’’ said Len Greene, Director of Government Affairs and Communications at FirstLight.  
Mark Howarth, Executive Director of the Candlewood Lake Authority, adds “To help ensure the safety of everyone using the lake, all lake users should be wearing a life vest and be especially vigilant about water hazards that may lie beneath the surface, both before and after hazard buoys are deployed.”


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