Can you help make this senior's capstone project a success?

Every year, high school seniors at Wooster School in Danbury, CT are sent off five weeks before the end of the school year to take part in a capstone project called their Senior Independent Study (SIS). This is something that the class of 2020 has looked forward to for many years and is meant to allow them to step outside of their comfort zone and gain a sense of independence before going to college.

While COVID-19 has disrupted many seniors' original plans, all of them have been charged with creating an SIS experience that they can take part in while at home. One of these seniors, Riley Damiano, needs your help to make her project a success.

Riley states that "In thinking about what I wanted to achieve during my SIS and also what I am missing in our current state, I realized that finding a way to digitally connect with new people and understand their perspectives on this pandemic was important".

Riley's goal is to interview people locally, nationally, and internationally about their experiences with the COVID-19 pandemic and then share them on a blog (https://viewsfromhome.weebly.com/). She hopes to be able to gain a variety of perspectives from people who have a wide range of viewpoints on this pandemic and allow readers to see these perspectives as well. 

Riley says that "this pandemic has made me think more about the shared humanity that we all have and also about the span of different perspectives. I'm excited to use this time to understand better not only what my own experience of this pandemic is, but also that of people who's perspective may not be those I would immediately be able to relate to. The scope of the time in history will be massive and I want to come out of it feeling more connected to people who I may not have otherwise become connected to"

Riley is not looking to only interview people who may have contracted the virus but also people who have been affected by the virus in many other ways. Are you or someone you know: 

-a healthcare worker

-a mother that gave birth during the pandemic

- a first responder

-an essential worker

-a parent of a medically fragile child

-a resident of a nursing home

-an owner of a small business/restaurant

-a single parent

-a survivor of COVID-19

-a college student working from home

-a child of a healthcare or other essential worker

-a member of local, state, or national government

-a member of a company who changed their mission to help fight the virus

If you or someone you know fits one of these categories or has another interesting story to share, please follow this link to sign up for a 15-20 minute interview (https://calendly.com/riley-damiano).



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