Ian Flanigan’s new single, “Through the darkness” is dedicated to this year’s Covid19 quarantined class of 2020 grads.

The Best of the Hudson Valley’s “Best Artist/Vocalist” winner and official 2020 Grammy selection artist, Ian Flanigan serenades 2020 graduates with his new single “Through the Darkness.” Flanigan’s new release comes during the height of the 2020 Corona Virus Pandemic, at a time when graduates everywhere contend with unconventional graduation ceremonies and a lack of closure to their academic accomplishments. Flanigan hopes “Through the Darkness” can be a drop of positivity for them and all of us during this time.
Check out the music video HERE.
Comments from Flanigan: "The other day I was scrolling through social media seeing all the class of 2020 graduations going on remotely, and just sat down and wrote this song. Sometimes songs just happen and I’m not sure the message individuals might take from this, but I wanted to make something uplifting. Being a 30 year old dad/songwriter. If my days are focused around instruments and recording gear, I’m a happy guy! But, I can’t imagine being a senior in high school or college grad during this whole experience, or what my daughter's years ahead might look like. So, here’s just a drop of positivity in the old ocean of crazy times.”


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