CLA Presence at the Boat Launches

If you’ve used the State of CT or municipal launches on Candlewood this summer, you may have been greeted by Candlewood Lake Authority staff prior to launching. This year, two new CLA initiatives at the launches have been rolled out; one to help prevent invasive species and the other to help keep boaters safe.

Through a CT DEEP grant, the Candlewood Lake Authority has introduced the brand new Lake Steward Program! The Stewards greet boaters at the public boat ramps and offer to perform an invasive species inspection of their vessel and trailer. In the course of the quick inspection, one steward gathers anonymized data to help inform future invasive species prevention efforts, while the other inspects the boat and trailer for invasive species. The CLA hopes to grow this program in the coming years to provide even more coverage!

The CLA Marine Patrol has also been offering safety inspections at ramps to boaters wishing to launch this summer. By educating boaters that they need enough life vests, the required safety equipment and any required safe boating certifications prior to launching, it creates a safer boating environment for all who wish to enjoy a day on Candlewood Lake.

Before Heading Out on Candlewood Lake
Please ensure that you...