Over 5000 without Power in New Fairfield

As of 6:30am, Evercource reports that 5,614 customers are without power which is 92% of New Fairfield. Sherman has  1,037 customers (52%) without power.

Eversource states, "When we restore power, safety is always the top priority: we respond to emergency 9-1-1 calls first, clear electric equipment from blocked roads, and complete damage assessments. Crews are working to restore power to customers as quickly and safely as they can."

The Town of New Fairfield warns that many trees and wires are down. According to their Facebook page, Public Works is out trying to clear the roads. The Fire Department asks that no one use a chain saw on a tree in contact with wires. Shelter facilities will be available tomorrow after generators are out in place. We are working to try to get an estimate from Eversource on how long power will be out.


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