Connecticut State Police 200th K9 Training Troop

The Connecticut State Police K9 Unit is proud to announce the graduation of its 200th K9 Training Troop. The Troop consisted of seven K9 Teams from throughout the United States and specialized in Electronic Storage Device Detection. The graduation will take place this Friday, March 15, 2019 at 10:00 a.m., at the State Police Academy located at 285 Preston Avenue, Meriden, Connecticut.

The Connecticut State Police K9 Unit trained the world’s first electronic storage device detection K9 in 2012 utilizing a proprietary training methodology and curriculum. Since that time, demand for the specialized electronic storage detection or ESD K9’s has grown exponentially. The specialized ESD K9’s assist with counter terror, child pornography, organized crime, and other related investigations by sniffing out evidence stored on concealed electronic media storage devices such as thumb drives, SD cards, hard drives, cellular telephones, etc.

The K9’s were all selected by the Connecticut State Police K9 Training Unit Cadre and underwent 5 weeks of preliminary training with CSP K9 Instructors before being paired with their respective handlers for an additional 5 week training and certification course of instruction.

The graduating ESD K9 Teams of the Connecticut State Police 200th K9 Training Troop pictured from left to right are as follows:

Officer Dennis Hinkson and K9 Pauline Connecticut Department of Corrections

Trooper Tommy Bellue and K9 Maggie Louisiana State Police

Detective David Aresco and K9 Dora Connecticut State Police

Officer Anel Heredia and K9 Hugh
New York City Police Counter Terrorism

Investigator John Hyla and K9 Hannah Putnam County Sheriff’s Department NY

Investigator Cory Stoff and K9 Ike


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