Free Financial Coaching to Help Connecticut Residents Struggling Amid COVID-19


Connecticut United Ways’ ALICE Saves* program has partnered with Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners, a nonprofit social enterprise and national leader in financial coaching, to offer a free financial coaching program available online and by phone. 

Known as TrustPlus, the program provides one‐on‐one support for clients with challenges such as dealing with creditors, finding emergency resources, and reducing debt.

The program is available to all Connecticut residents, but has particular relevance for easing the burden on those struggling financially amid the COVID‐19 pandemic, said Kim Morgan, chief executive officer of the United Way of Western Connecticut. 

 “At this most uncertain of times, we want to help people make the most of every hard‐earned paycheck—or, for those who are no longer getting a paycheck, to help piece together a strategy for making ends meet,” she said. “TrustPlus combines a human connection with action‐oriented tools, offered in a confidential, non‐judgmental setting.” 

Neighborhood Trust has provided expert financial guidance for low‐to‐moderate‐income Americans for more than 20 years. TrustPlus will be available to provide expert coaching to Connecticut workers to ease everyday money worries including: 

  •      Day-to-day money management — TrustPlus financial coaches help their clients manage their cash during the current crisis, By taking control of their money, clients can lessen their stress and make informed financial decisions. 
  •      Create a COVID-19 response checklist — There are many new and expanded public assistance programs that people can take advantage of to help mitigate the financial shock of the pandemic. TrustPlus coaches can help clients find programs and understand how to apply. 
  •      Debt Management — TrustPlus financial coaches are experts on debt management and repayment strategies that allow clients to feel in control of their debt – not overwhelmed by it.
  •      Credit — Coaches help clients protect their credit, build their credit score and reduce the use of loans, especially high-interest payday loans.
  •      Savings — TrustPlus helps clients build emergency savings to help families deal with crises and avoid high-cost emergency loans.

All the information shared with TrustPlus coaches is confidential. It will not be shared with anyone.

How To Sign Up:

Those wishing to sign up for TrustPlus can text “AliceSaves” to 646-349-5959, click the button “sign up” and select the Neighborhood Trust Budget Coach they prefer. They will then be asked to schedule a 30‐minute appointment to speak with the coach by phone or Skype. To sign up without sending a text message, click HERE and follow the same steps. Enrollment provides clients with lifetime access to free financial coaching. 


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