Newmilford's HamletHub Mon, 02 Oct 2023 13:25:02 -0400 Sundance Film Festival director Cindy Meehl’s documentary The Dog Doc supports Animal Welfare Society of New Milford

Performance on October 7th, 7 pm features screening, post-film talk- back and drawing for special pet gifts 

Merryall’s 72nd season climaxes with the screening of “The Dog Doc”, a documentary written and directed by Cindy Meehl of Sundance Film Festival fame is known for her hits “Buck” and “Trapped.  ‘A thought-provoking look at what is missing from modern medicine for animals and people,” critiques the New York Times.

In her inspirational film, Director Meehl documents the life, times, dedication, and rewards of Dr. Marty Goldstein, founding father of integrative veterinary medicine, and his colleagues who are passionately committed to providing care and hope to animals in need and, just as importantly, to their owners.

“The Dog Doc” offers the audience an intimate look into the world of Dr. Goldstein and his team who have created a mecca for holistic care in South Salem, NY.

The documentary explores the unique philosophy embraced by Dr. Goldstein combining conventional medical training and cutting-edge alternative therapies underscoring the power of the extraordinary bond between humans and their animal companions and the importance of holistic care. It asks: are we over-medicating our pets, our children, and ourselves and provides some intriguing answers via the good doctor’s life and death interaction with pets and people. 

The screening will be introduced with a performance by singer and songwriter Nick Petrone. A local favorite of Merryall audiences, he will perform, “My Shadow (My Jake),” a song he wrote in memory of his beloved dog, Jake, whom he lost two years ago. 

Says Petrone, “In his last few years of life, Jake had many health issues. I feel certain that the care he received from Dr. Marty and his staff of veterinarians at Smith Ridge Veterinary Hospital truly gave him a better quality of life for a longer period of time. I believe the care Jake received gave him an additional 6 - 7 years of life.”  

The evening will conclude with a post-film discussion with the film’s director and veterinary practitioner, Dr. Jenna Lenarz-Salcedo, a colleague of Dr. Goldstein’s at the Smith Ridge Veterinary Center, South Salem NY.

Last but worth waiting for. ...a drawing of fabulous gifts from generous local businesses including Paul's Custom Pet Food, Barkery Boo'Tique, Agway, Stella's Natural Dog Treats, DoggyLicious, Unleashed Day Care, all located in New Milford, and Patricia's Presents of Bethel CT. Also, artworks from pet painters Christina Maschke and Chris Osborne, Merryall’s artist-in-residence.

One of the biggest stars of the evening is The New Milford Animal Welfare Society, which takes in 500 pets annually and finds loving homes for them. Founded in 1965, AWS is an independent, nonprofit, non-destroy animal rescue organization.  According to the Society’s President, Diane Saraceni, “Our mission is to provide refuge for homeless and abandoned dogs and cats by placing them in loving responsible homes. Thank you Merryall for your support and generous contribution... our four-footed friends thank you, too. And, a nod to our loyal volunteers and donors.”

“The Dog Doc” will be screened at Merryall on Saturday, October 7th at 7 PM. Tickets are $15 and are available at the door or online at

Merryall is a non-profit arthouse and community center located at 8 Chapel Hill Road in the heart of Litchfield Hills. For membership, sponsorship, or ticket info, visit the Center’s website at

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New Milford resident, WCSU Professor JC Barone wins Best Documentary at international film festival

Western Connecticut State University Professor of Communication and Media Arts Dr. JC Barone was invited to screen his new documentary, “a life we imagined,” this summer at the prestigious Jane Austen International Film Festival, a competitive independent festival held annually in Jane Austen’s Georgian city of Bath, England. As a result of the screening and subsequent judging, Barone’s film was named “Best Documentary” at the festival.

The website dedicated to Barone’s film describes it this way: “Anarchist. Rabble Rouser. Artist. Visionary. Kate Millett’s transformative art colony created a nurturing space where women could freely explore their artistic endeavors and challenge societal norms. For four decades, the women’s art colony offered sanctuary for community, creativity, sisterhood and empowerment. A place where women could experience freedoms that the Women’s and LGBTQ+ civil rights movements were fighting for, but that were not yet available in mainstream society. ‘a life we imagined’ features interviews with Millett and women at the colony.”

Barone said his inspiration for making the documentary occurred because he was living and teaching in Poughkeepsie, New York, not too far from the Millett art colony, when a student asked him if he was interested in filming there. “I jumped on it knowing the historical importance of Kate Millett,” Barone said. “‘The farm,’ as it was called, was visited by many people, including John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Gloria Steinem and Simone Beauvoir. While I was there, I met several influential feminists, writers and artists.”

His decision to accept the invitation for his work to be screened at the Jane Austen International Film Festival came easily, Barone said. “Jane Austen’s themes of female independence (or lack of it), agency, marriage, social status and economic opportunity all resonate with this documentary. The film records how it was for women at the farm who lived outside of accepted social norms from the 1970s to 1990s. Finding some equality and meaning through social and romantic relationships in a restrictive environment was shared by the art colonies’ inhabitants and by Austen’s leading women.”

According to the festival website, “This is a festival for independent filmmakers who produce works in the following genres: animation, art-house, comedy, documentary, drama: including historical/costume drama, experimental, extended shorts, horror, LGBTQ+ and music video. The


festival is named after Jane Austen because of her great storytelling and her connection to the city of Bath, England where the festival takes place. It’s not only historical and costume dramas we accept, but all genres of short and feature films are welcome. We are looking for the most exciting and innovative storytelling, films that challenge and inspire audiences.”

After the selection of his film as Best Documentary at the festival was announced, Barone said, “I’m absolutely thrilled! All the painstaking efforts to restore and make sense of the old, deteriorated mix of footage, Hi8, VHS, ¾” video, 16 mm and 8 mm film, paid off. I can’t wait to work on my next documentary.”

Barone’s previous documentary, about WWII POW and hero Major “Doc” Brown, received a Telly Award and was screened at seven film festivals.

At WCSU, Barone teaches COM 146 Basic Video Production, COM 247 Live News & Election Coverage, COM 336 Postproduction, COM 340 Sound for Media and COM 446 Advanced Video Production. His students have captured multiple Broadcast Education Association and

National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Boston/New England Student Production Awards.

For more information, contact Dr. JC Barone at or WCSU Communications and Marketing at

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New website showcases Connecticut state parks

Governor Ned Lamont today announced the launch of, the new official website for Connecticut State Parks. The website offers visitors with an innovative online platform showcasing Connecticut State Parks in a more exciting, user-friendly way to help them engage with, learn about, and access state parks and the areas around them.

Connecticut has enjoyed a remarkable surge in outdoor recreation in recent years, initially spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic and continuing in line with a nationwide shift toward healthier lifestyles, increased environmental awareness, and a desire for outdoor experiences. From hiking and camping to biking and fishing, Americans increasingly are investing their time and money in outdoor activities and creating substantial economic benefits. This new website was funded through an American Rescue Plan Act grant via the U.S. Economic Development Administration.

“Connecticut State Parks are a huge part of our state’s quality of life and a big reason why people are choosing to move to Connecticut, and we want to make sure people have all of the information they need to visit them,” Governor Lamont said. “These beautiful places, which offer residents and visitors an unparalleled recreation experience and provide significant economic benefits to our cities and towns, deserve a website befitting their value. is the latest way we’re helping to connect residents with their Connecticut State Parks.”

Connecticut is home to a magnificent array of state parks, cherished for their natural beauty and diverse recreational offerings. With 142 state parks and forests, and a network of more than 2,500 miles of scenic trails, these stunning natural landscapes offer something for everyone. Connecticut State Parks continue to rank among the top regional tourist destinations and play a significant role in the state’s tourism sector and local economy. Last year, the state welcomed a staggering 17 million visitors to Connecticut State Parks. People outside of Connecticut are taking notice too – earlier this year, a travel blog designated Connecticut the best state in the country for hiking.

The Connecticut State Parks system is administered and maintained by the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP).

“Connecticut residents have been discovering and re-discovering their state parks over the last several years, unlocking the physical and mental health benefits outdoor recreation provides,” DEEP Commissioner Katie Dykes said. “Restoring and providing access to our state parks has been a priority of the Lamont administration, and we’re proud to continue to showcase our state’s tremendous natural resources. We hope you’ll enjoy using this new website to learn about the different state parks, find a hiking trail, and even find out about other great things to do in the area. The new ‘While You Are Here’ sections can point you to a great restaurant, shop, or attraction after spending a few hours in the outdoors.”

DEEP worked closely with the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) to develop the website, recognizing the value of Connecticut State Parks as an important tourism asset.

“Our state parks are an amazing asset that greatly contribute to Connecticut’s unmatched quality of life,” DECD Commissioner Alexandra Daum said. “They also attract millions of visitors whose spending helps drive economic development in our towns and cities. This website is an important new tool to educate out-of-state tourists and residents alike on what our amazing parks have to offer. The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection’s work on state parks is invaluable and I’m glad we could partner with them on this project to show people across the world more of what makes our state a great place to visit and call home.” offers several exciting features and advancements to enhance visitor experiences and spotlight the splendor and diversity of our state parks system. Among the highlights of this dynamic website are:

  • ParkFinder Tool: Equipped with a user-friendly ParkFinder Tool, visitors can effortlessly discover the perfect state park based on their interests or location. Geo-location technology is seamlessly integrated, enabling users to identify nearby parks based on their current location and filter their search to parks based on their plans for the day or what they are looking to do.
  • Dynamic Park Listings: Each state park enjoys a dedicated dynamic listing page that extensively promotes available activities, events, photography, social media content, and more. These listings provide comprehensive insights into the unique offerings of each park.
  • “While You’re Here” Functionality: Visitors are offered an array of options to extend their stay by exploring nearby restaurants, shops, hotels, and attractions. This feature seamlessly integrates information from, the state’s official tourism website, providing a comprehensive and constantly updated guide for a trip beyond the park.
  • Event Awareness: The new website features an advanced event management system that not only highlights ongoing activities within the parks but also showcases upcoming events, further encouraging visitation and park engagement.
  • User-Generated Content: The website harnesses Instagram content, shared by actual visitors to Connecticut State Parks. This user-generated content authentically represents our parks and the unique experiences they offer.
  • Content Organization: The website is thoughtfully structured around core activities and interests, illuminating facets of state parks of which visitors may not have been aware. This intuitive design provides streamlined access to parks that cater to specific activities, simplifying the process of finding the ideal park to match individual interests.
  • Video-Rich Experience: Site visitors can enjoy a video-rich environment that showcases a curated selection of more than 20 state park feature videos. These immersive visuals provide a captivating introduction to the natural wonders and recreational opportunities found within Connecticut State Parks and offer a glimpse to visitors of what to expect before they get there.
  • Multi-Language Support: In line with the state’s focus on inclusivity, the website offers multi-language support to ensure that Spanish-speaking visitors can enjoy a translated experience.
  • ADA Compliance: Ensuring accessibility for all, the website is ADA compliant, featuring essential tools, readers, and navigational support to assist visitors with unique accessibility needs, ensuring that everyone can access information.

For more information and to explore the new Connecticut State Parks website, visit

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Western Connecticut Youth Orchestra starts new season titled Storytelling

The Western Connecticut Youth Orchestra (WCYO), based in Ridgefield, but made up of youth musicians from 26 towns in Connecticut and southwestern New York State, has started its 2023/24 season titled “Storytelling”. 

Weekly rehearsals for the WCYO‘s three large ensembles – Symphony Orchestra, String Orchestra and Wind Ensemble – began on September 7th, with the first concert of the season scheduled for Sunday, November 19th, and with each with each ensemble focusing on pieces that tell stories through music. 

“This season WCYO ensembles explore one of the most meaningful and universal rituals throughout human history; storytelling” says WCYO Music Director and Symphony Orchestra Conductor Eric Mahl.  “The focus of the year will be to experience, through music, how composers have told stories of love, triumph, myth and legend through the ages and how these stories still ring true today.” The artistic leadership of the WCYO, along with Mahl, includes String Orchestra Conductor Joanna Giordano and Wind Ensemble Conductor Malin Carta. 

The largest of the WCYO ensembles is the Symphony Orchestra - a full symphonic orchestra made up of advanced string, woodwind, brass and percussion musicians. The ensemble performs professional orchestral repertoire, from staples of the classical genre to music of the 21st century. 

The String Orchestra is an intermediate string ensemble for advancing middle school and early high school musicians.  This group focuses on strengthening the various fundamentals of ensemble performance and comprehensive string instruction, and performs intermediate to advanced level traditional and contemporary repertoire. 

The WCYO Wind Ensemble is comprised of advanced woodwind, brass and percussion middle school and high school musicians. This group focuses on strengthening the various fundamentals of ensemble performance and skill development, and performs both woodwind and jazz ensemble repertoire, as well as big band and concert band repertoire.

Musicians in all three ensembles frequently work with professional guest musicians, have the opportunity to collaborate with their peers in the other ensembles, and participate in community engagement activities.

The WCYO encourages youth musicians to audition for participation in one of the organization’s ensembles.  Entry into the ensembles is offered at select times during the school year early in each of the three concert cycles, with primary auditions held in early June for the following year.  For audition information, visit

For more information on the upcoming WCYO concert titled “Fantasy”, visit

The mission of the Western Connecticut Youth Orchestra is to educate and inspire young musicians through the study and performance of classical and contemporary musical works, participation in enrichment activities, and engagement with the community. Our program provides an opportunity to develop artistry and technique, as well as a profound understanding and appreciation of instrumental music. Our members are challenged not only to perform at the highest level, but also to build character, creativity and self-esteem, with music as their guide.


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Governor Lamont Directs Flags To Remain Lowered Monday in Observance of 9/11 Anniversary

Governor Ned Lamont today announced that he is directing U.S. and state flags in Connecticut to remain lowered at half-staff on Monday, September 11, 2023, in remembrance of the nearly 3,000 people who were killed in the 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States.

Flags in Connecticut are also currently lowered to half-staff in honor of Hartford Police Officer Bobby Garten, who died on Wednesday night while serving in the line of duty. Flags should continue flying at half-staff for this purpose until sunset on the date of Officer Garten’s interment, which has not yet been determined. The Office of the Governor will send out a notification when flags should be returned to full-staff.

In addition, Governor Lamont announced today that the state will illuminate the Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge in New Haven – informally known by many residents as the Q Bridge – in red, white, and blue lights beginning at dusk on the evenings of Sunday, September 10, 2023, and Monday, September 11, 2023, in recognition of the anniversary of the attacks. Beacons capable of projecting light nearly six miles into the clear night sky will be lit until the early morning hours.

Connecticut’s official memorial honoring the victims of the attacks is located on a peninsula at Sherwood Island State Park in Westport, where on a clear day the Manhattan skyline can be viewed across the Long Island Sound. It features a stone engraved with the names of the 161 people with ties to the state who were killed in the attacks. The state park was chosen as the site for the memorial because it is the location where many people in the immediate hours following the attacks gathered to observe the devastation on Lower Manhattan from across the sound. The site was also used by the Connecticut National Guard in the following days as a staging area for Connecticut’s relief efforts to New York City.

Connecticut Remembers

Names of the 161 people with ties to Connecticut who were killed in the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks:

  • Laurence Abel
  • Bryan C. Bennett
  • Jeffrey D. Bittner
  • Christopher J. Blackwell, FDNY
  • Allen Patrick Boyle
  • Alexander Braginsky
  • Francis Henry (Frank) Brennan
  • Thomas M. Brennan
  • Joseph M. Calandrillo
  • Edward Calderon
  • Sandra Campbell
  • Alejandro Castano
  • Juan Ceballos
  • Stephen P. Cherry
  • Kevin F. Cleary, Esq.
  • Geoffrey W. Cloud
  • Keith Eugene Coleman
  • Scott Thomas Coleman
  • Margaret Conner
  • Kevin P. Connors
  • Joseph John Coppo
  • Dolores Costa
  • Brian Thomas Cummins
  • Paul Curioli
  • Patrick Danahy
  • Anthony Demas
  • Lt. Kevin Donnelly, FDNY
  • John Bruce Eagleson
  • Michael Egan
  • Ulf Ramm Ericson
  • Eric B. Evans
  • Wendy R. Faulkner
  • Edward T. Fergus, Jr.
  • Bradley Fetchet
  • Paul M. Fiori
  • John Fiorito
  • Bennett Lawson Fisher
  • Peter C. Fry
  • Richard Peter Gabriel, Sr.
  • Richard S. Gabrielle
  • James A. Gadiel
  • Thomas E. Galvin
  • Osseni Mama Garba
  • Christopher Samuel Gardner
  • Peter Alan Gay
  • Peter Gerard Gelinas
  • Robert Gerlich
  • Lawrence Getzfred
  • Evan Hunter Gillette
  • Ronald Gilligan
  • Steven Lawrence Glick
  • Wilder A. Gomez
  • Kiran Kumar Reddy Gopu
  • Edwin J. Graf, III
  • Donald F. Greene
  • James A. Greenleaf, Jr.
  • Pedro Grehan
  • James D. Halvorson
  • Sean S. Hanley
  • Christine Lee Hanson
  • Peter Burton Hanson
  • Sue Kim Hanson
  • Timothy John Hargrave
  • Michele Heidenberger
  • H. Joseph Heller
  • John Henwood
  • Robert Higley, II
  • James J. Hobin
  • Judith Florence Hofmiller
  • Paul R. Hughes
  • William Christopher Hunt
  • Thomas Edward Hynes
  • John F. Iskyan
  • Ariel Louis Jacobs
  • Michael Grady Jacobs
  • Mark Steven Jardim
  • Robert Thomas Jordan
  • Richard M. Keane
  • Peter R. Kellerman
  • Maurice Patrick Kelly
  • William Hill Kelly, Jr.
  • Amy King
  • Glenn Davis Kirwin
  • Stephen LaMantia
  • Gary E. Lasko
  • Robert A. Lawrence, Jr.
  • Joseph A. Lenihan
  • Adam J. Lewis
  • Steven B. Lillianthal
  • Garry W. Lozier
  • Michael J. Lyons
  • Edward "Teddy" F. Maloney
  • Ada Mason
  • Kevin Michael McCarthy
  • Juliana McCourt
  • Ruth McCourt
  • Eamon McEneaney
  • Michael G. McGinty
  • Francis McGuinn
  • William J. Meehan, Jr.
  • Eskedar Melaku
  • Raymond Joseph Metz, III
  • Joel Miller
  • Michael M. Miller
  • Cheryl Ann Monyak
  • Lindsay S. Morehouse
  • Jude Moussa
  • Cesar A. Murillo
  • Christopher William White Murphy
  • Daniel Robert Nolan
  • Robert W. Noonan
  • Timothy M. O'Brien
  • Scott J. O'Brien
  • James Andrew O'Grady
  • Christopher Orgielewicz
  • Margaret Quinn Orloske
  • Thomas Anthony Palazzo
  • James Matthew Patrick
  • Mike A. Pelletier
  • Joshua Piver
  • Roger Mark Rasweiler
  • Jean Destrehan Roger
  • Sean P. Rooney
  • Michael C. Rothberg
  • Jason E. Sabbag
  • Jesus Sanchez
  • Stacey Leigh Sanders
  • Sean Schielke
  • John B. Schwartz
  • Randy Scott
  • Barbara A. Shaw
  • Michael John Simon
  • Heather Lee Smith
  • Dianne Bullis Snyder
  • Gregory T. Spagnoletti
  • George E. Spencer, III
  • Derek J. Statkevicus
  • Craig William Staub
  • Andrew Stergiopoulos
  • Madeline Sweeney
  • Michael C. Tarrou
  • Thomas F. Theurkauf, Jr.
  • Eric Raymond Thorpe
  • Amy E. Toyen
  • Tyler Ugolyn
  • Jonathan J. Uman
  • Allen V. Upton
  • Bradley H. Vadas
  • Edward Raymond Vanacore
  • Frederick Varacchi
  • James Thomas Waters, Jr.
  • Jeffrey David Wiener
  • Candace Lee Williams
  • John P. Williamson
  • William Eben Wilson
  • David H. Winton
  • Christopher W. Wodenshek
  • Martin Phillips Wohlforth
  • John Works
  • Edward P. York
  • Charles A. Zion
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Housatonic Habitat for Humanity to Hold Fall Fundraiser at the Ridgefield Playhouse October 4

Housatonic Habitat for Humanity is excited to announce it is holding its signature Blueprints & Blue Jeans Fall Fundraiser October 4 at the Ridgefield Playhouse.

The fundraiser will celebrate 31 years of building homes, communities and hope in the Western Connecticut area. The event will be hosted by award-winning stand-up comedian Christine O’Leary with guest auctioneer and North Salem resident Max Tucci and live music by local musician Jim Endee. Designer Christian Siriano –a former Danbury resident – will be recognized with the non-profit’s inaugural “Spirit of Home” award for his work in designing a living space for a deserving local Habitat homeowner.

The event will feature food from Hayfields Market, a bourbon tasting with Litchfield Distillery, wine pull, and live and silent auctions.

Some of the current auction items include a VIP Experience for 10 at Uncle Cheef’s live music venue in Brewster, dinner and drinks for a party of 10 in the beautiful private greenhouse at Hayfields Market, an Outfit for Every Season and cocktail party at Audrey Road in Ridgefield, and several carefully curated high-end and one-of-a-kind pieces from Habitat’s Danbury ReStore.

The attire for the event is “casual country Connecticut” – yes, blue jeans are welcome! Tickets are $125 each, groups of 10 are $1000. Visit or to purchase tickets. 

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WCSU and the Cultural Alliance of Western Connecticut partner to showcase young artists

High school-age artists from across Connecticut are invited to submit their work for a Student Art Showcase, with selections exhibited at the Western Connecticut State University Art Gallery.

The Cultural Alliance of Western Connecticut is collaborating with WCSU for this new art initiative.

“We wanted to do a collaboration that would be important to the state and support young artists,” said Cultural Alliance Executive Director Lisa Scails. “WCSU is a strong community partner and provides one of the most beautiful venues in Connecticut with a long history of artistic excellence in education.”

Brian Vernon, dean of the WCSU School of Visual and Performing Arts, said he has long wanted to work with the Cultural Alliance on a community-building project.

“Engaging young artists and giving them an opportunity to show their work in a professional gallery is a smart way to reach out to the community and use our space,” Vernon said. “The university will welcome the artists, their families and all residents to the gallery opening and exhibit.”

Further support is provided by Support provided by Savings Bank of Danbury, BeFoundation, and Spread Music Now. The application form, along with guidelines, is live at on the Cultural Alliance website,, and all students in grades 9 through 12 may enter in several categories. The deadline to submit an application is Feb. 29, and the show will be held in the WCSU Visual and Performing Arts Center from May 18 to June 7.

All guidelines can be found on the Cultural Alliance website at

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Globe Trotting Caravan of Thieves of Gypsy Jazz Fame Headline Merryall’s Annual Autumn Gala on September 9

Reception at 6 pm, followed by a swinging, serenading, mesmerizing concert at 7 pm

Merryall invites you to clap your hands, stomp your feet, and sing along to the magical sounds of Caravan of Thieves and their high-intensity, driving gypsy rhythms. From 6-7 pm, sip wine, and dine on hors d'oeuvres on Merryall’s deck catered by Chef John Favreau, owner and proprietor of Warren General, an area favorite. Then 7-9 pm, enjoy all that jazz. Founded by Carrie and Fuzz Sangiovanni, Caravan of Thieves has toured with such renowned artists as Emmylou Harris, Dan Hicks, Glen Campbell, Nanci Griffith, The Decemberists, Keb Mo, Iron and Wine, The Punch Brothers, John Hammond, John Jorgenson and Tom Tom Club.

Inspired by the big band swing era, along with the Quintette du Hot Club de France musical theater and early American Folk music, says co-founder Fuzz,” We had a romantic, bohemian vision of making music and performing on the road, in parks, traveling around, and avoiding responsibility.” Eventually, they added violinist Dan Foster and bass player Dan Asher and released their debut album, Bouquet, followed by Mischief Night which was recorded at a sold-out show in Fairfield Connecticut.

Their last release is Kiss Kiss, “combining dark humor and social commentary and our thoughts on bringing both beauty and anger into all of our lives” … maybe that is why over the last eight years, traveling the globe, Caravan of Thieves has attracted a loyal following or family of “Freaks,” a moniker that both the band and their followers affectionately refer to themselves as.

Says Merryall Board Member, Dean Gray, “We are delighted to have them headlining our gala and encourage audience members to join in throughout the performance with fits of claps, finger snaps and cheers... It’s been said that if Django Reinhardt, the cast of Stomp and the Beatles all had a party at Tim Burton’s house, Caravan of Thieves would be the band they’d hire. Now that sounds like my kind of gathering!”

Tickets, $45 for the reception and the concert, are available online at

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Scarrybrooke Park CT's Haunted Trail

Prepared to be SCARED! Scarrybrooke Park Haunted Trail

October 13, 14, 20 & 21 of 2023 will be the NEW Haunted Trail at Harrybrooke Park!

Prepare for the scare! Returning for its eighth year, CT's Haunted trail at Scarrybrooke Park returns with more fearsome delights for your walk through the park after dark! Our event is not ONLY a staple of the season for Western CT, but THE LONGEST attraction to walk in the state!

100 Still River Dr, 100 Still River Dr, New Milford

Learn more and make your reservation

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New Milford Public Library September Art Exhibit

Encaustic Painting. Title: "Shipwrecked"

New Milford Public Library will host Imaginative Works, an exhibit of mixed media work by artist Tarol Samuelson. The display may be viewed during regular library hours from August 28 through September 29, 2023.

Tarol is an accomplished, high-spirited, self-taught creative who loves experimenting with all types of mixed media and found objects. She is an award-winning painter, having been the subject of group and solo exhibitions in area galleries since 1996. Her sold works and commissions are in private collections throughout the U.S. and abroad.

For more information, contact the library at 860-355-1191 or visit the library online

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Christ the King’s annual Harvest Festival is September 16 & 17, 2023!

Our King’s Rummage Sale attracts bargain hunters and treasure seekers from all over Southeastern Connecticut.

You never know what you'll find!  There’s furniture, jewelry, artwork, housewares, toys, sporting goods, books, CDs, and DVDs, linens, holiday decorations, and more! We have fall plants and produce — and often some vintage gardening tools — available at the Plant Sale; a tremendous selection of goods and services up for grabs at the Silent Auction; delicious food cooked up by the Men's Club, and games and crafts to keep the kids busy.  And we hope to have some live music to entertain you! It's a day filled with family-friendly fun, food, and finds! 

Saturday, September 16, 8:30am–3:00pm
Sunday, September 17, 9am–Noon

(Plant Sale, Silent Auction, and Rummage Sale — with half-price Rummage Sale on Sunday!)

Learn more

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Parkinson's Disease Cooking Class this Friday!

Join Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Educator Monica Marcello, MS, RD on Friday, August 25 at noon for an interactive cooking class highlighting the benefits of nutrition in Parkinson’s care. 

All Interactive Nutrition classes Include:

  • Demonstration on how to cook meal and ability to prep/cook meal yourself
  • 1 meal to eat in the class or to take home (we usually have leftovers)
  • Recipes
  • Practical Tool-Kit of each topic discussed
  • Time with Registered Dietitian, Monica Marcello, to answer your individualized questions

Register here

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Casual Group Bicycle Ride in New Milford on Sunday

New Milford River Trail Association is hosting a casual bike ride this Sunday, August 27. Meet at Patriot's Way Parking Lot, Railroad Street!

This free event hosted by the New Milford River Trail Association is great for all levels of riders and is open to teenagers and adults.

Meet up at Patriot's Way parking lot (west of the historic train station building) on Sunday, August 27th at 10:00am. The ride will be approximately 14 miles through the Merryall section of town. Please bring a helmet, water bottle, and snack.

For more information call or text Susan Rosati at (203)448-7895 or email  

Learn more


]]> (New Milford River Trail Association) Events Tue, 22 Aug 2023 12:17:07 -0400
New Milford Overdose Awareness & Recovery Weekend

Brian Cody's Brothers & Sisters Foundation is proud to host 'Recovery Weekend 2023' 

* Friday, August 25th - Opening Ceremonies at the New Milford Town Hall (5:30 to 6:30pm)

  • Saturday, August 26th - Free Dinner, Short Film, and Panel Discussion with Subject Matter Experts at The Maxx (5:30 to 8pm)
  • Sunday, August 27th - USMC Sgt. Scoular's Overdose Awareness 5K on Young's Field Road (near the playground), registration starts at 7:00am and the Run (or walk) starts at 8:00am sharp!
  • Sunday, August 27th - 2023 Recovery Festival featuring live music, (free) kids zone, artisans, food trucks, raffle, and most importantly - recovery advisory resources. Activities will be held on the Town Green, they start at 9:00am and run throughout the day and conclude with the Peter Stewart Luminary Presentation at sunset (7:30pm-ish).

Questions? Email

Learn more

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Local Area Poet's Sixth Book, "On The Edge" To Be Released Friday, Aug. 18

On the Edge” is the sixth book of tender poetry written by prolific author Susan A. Katz of Washington, Connecticut. Ms. Katz’s newest book will be released in bookstores nationwide and online on August 18, 2023, by Austin Macauley Publishers of London.

Susan A. Katz has had a love affair with poetry since the age of six. She has read it, written it, even dreamed it, and it has shaped her life and her view of the world, and of herself. Her poems have been called, “meditative and lyrical…exhibiting a strong sense of wistfulness and loss”, by poet Colette Inez, and “terribly powerful…oddly strong, wonderful”, bythe late poet, Dan Masterson. 

Ms. Katz found inspiration for “On the Edge” in the everyday business of living, of family joys and sorrows, in the stories of others, and in the vast and ethereal landscape of the natural world.  Her poems reveal her intense passion for the living quality of language.

On the Edge”, states Katz, “Chronicles a life, exploring both the highs and lows, the moments of pure joy and passion, and those moments that are so dark, so painful that they threaten to bring us to our knees.” With an endearing and unique honesty, Katz provides a glimpse of life, her life, lived fully and reexamined through the revealing lens of poetry.

Titles of Katz’s more than 60 poems in “On The Edge” include: “Remembering To Forget”; “The Weekly Visit”; “Momma’s Living Room”; “Mother Loved Lilacs”; “Deceived”; “Everything Remembers You”; “The Certainty Of You”; “The Scent Of Need”; “A Coming Home”; “Loving Strangers”; “The Truth Of Memories”; “Leaning into Endings”; “Winter’s Empty Rooms”; “After Today”; “Winter Is a Bad Time to Look for Things”; “The Trouble With Sleeping”.

A widely, nationally, and internationally published poet, Katz’s work has appeared in numerous anthologies, journals, and literary magazines. She co-authored two textbooks with Orff Schulwerk music specialist Judith A. Thomas, espousing the need to incorporate the arts into schools’ curricula.

For more than 30 years, Katz worked for The New York State Poets in Public Service, and then with friend and colleague and music/movement specialist, Judith A. Thomas, with whom she conducted student/teacher poetry workshops in the United States and Canada. Katz’s work has been cited as: “…precise imagery, directness, and honesty…outspokenly erotic and sensual, evoking a powerful sense of physical passion and deeply felt experiences.” – Robert Wilson, Poetry Editor, Negative Capability. 

“Susan A. Katz is a God-blessed poet. She does not sing in chorus,” stated Menke Katz, Poet, Editor, Professor, Philosopher, and no relation to Susan A. Katz.

Katz has been actively writing and publishing poetry for more than 50 years. She finds inspiration for her

poems in the intricacies, and intimacies, of life and family, the perils of living, and the beauty and wonder of the natural world. Her poems reveal her intense passion for the living quality of language. It is Susan A. Katz’s belief that “Poetry is the need to write beyond the limits of choice; the freedom to see beyond the limits of light.”

On the Edge” sells for $11.95 in paperback and is available in Kindle eBook, and both are available on,, in bookstores, and from major booksellers. For information on the poetry of Susan A. Katz, visit

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