Newmilford's HamletHub Tue, 21 Mar 2023 22:28:42 -0400 2023 Sky's The Limit Hiking Challenge in Connecticut State Parks

DEEP’s Annual Challenge Invites Public to Go “In, Under, Over, and Through” State Parks and Forests

Ready for an outdoor adventure exploring Connecticut State Parks and Forests? The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection’s (“DEEP”) State Parks ring in spring on Monday, March 20, 2023, with the release of the 2023 Sky’s The Limit Hiking Challenge (“STL”), an annual checklist of hiking locations chosen from the state’s 142 parks and forests.

Take the challenge to get outside for some fresh air and fun physical exercise. Hike and walk the highlighted locations/trails and take designated photos along the way to experience this year’s STL theme, “In, Under, Over and Through” Connecticut State Parks and Forests. Fifteen park or forest locations are identified below for participants to explore, with varying scenery and highlights at each location.

Walk up a tower, go underground in a cave or root cellar, enjoy a scenic vista, or explore a former railway trail. Join the challenge to discover the various places you’ll walk in, under, over, and through. Participants who hike or walk 10 of the 15 trails will receive a “Sky’s the Limit” hiking staff medallion and a certificate for their efforts. For hiking or walking all 15 locations, in addition to the medallion and certificate, 50 participants will have a chance to receive a hand-carved hiking staff made by the DEEP sawyer from the DEEP sawmill or from the Connecticut Woodcarvers Association.

“Spring is here, and our Sky’s the Limit Challenge is back, providing residents with a great way to explore Connecticut’s state parks and forests while joining others in a friendly challenge to visit all 15 locations handpicked by DEEP State Parks staff,” said DEEP Commissioner Katie Dykes. “Our state parks and forests, which are free to enter for those driving Connecticut registered vehicles thanks to the Passport to the Parks program, are such tremendous resources here in our state. We hope you’ll accept the challenge and explore your parks by going “In, Under, Over, and Through.”

Follow the Connecticut State Parks social media platforms @CTStateParks and visit for hiking challenge details including the challenge locations:

Rails to Trails:

  • Air Line State Park Trail, Multi-town
  • Larkin State Park Trail, Multi-town
  • Moosup State Park Trail (Moosup Valley Trail), Plainfield/Sterling
  • Farmington Canal Heritage Trail, Cheshire/Hamden
  • Hop River State Park Trail, Multi-town

State Parks:

  • Auerfarm State Park Scenic Reserve, Bloomfield
  • Camp Columbia State Park, Morris
  • Chatfield Hollow State Park, Killingworth
  • Haystack Mountain State Park, Norfolk
  • Hopemead State Park, Bozrah/Montville
  • Machimoodus State Park/Sunrise State Park, East Haddam
  • Mianus River State Park, Stamford
  • Mount Riga State Park, Salisbury
  • Mount Tom State Park, Litchfield
  • Windsor Locks Canal State Park, Windsor Locks

The Connecticut State Park system was founded in 1913 with the creation of the State Park Commission. One year later, the Commission purchased its first property, about four acres in Westport for what became Sherwood Island State Park. Today, Connecticut has 110 state parks and 32 state forests attracting around 17 million visitors each year, generating over $1 billion in economic activity for the state and supporting 9,000 private sector jobs. Those driving Connecticut registered motor vehicles are provided free entrance to the parks thanks to the Passport to the Parks program. For more information on Connecticut State Parks visit:

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It's a great day to be Irish! New Milford raises Irish Flag in honor of St. Patrick's Day!

In celebration of New Milford’s Diversity, we raised the Irish Flag in honor of St. Patrick’s Day and those residents of Irish Heritage!
Thank you to Councilman Cosgrove, Murphy and the Litchfield County Irish American Club for helping us raise the Flag. Pat Maguire on Bagpipes and all those in attendance!
New Milford Proud and Strong!
To view additional photos from today's event, visit Mayor Pete Bass on Facebook HERE.
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It Takes a Village: Supporting Connecticut's Foster Care Community

It Takes a Village

*Names changed to protect privacy
by Deb Kelleher -Executive Director, Annie C. Courtney Fdtn.

We’re all familiar with the saying, “It takes a village.” For one foster mom, her “village” is truly a godsend, enabling her to care for children whose needs would overwhelm most parents.

Alicia always wanted to be a foster parent, her whole life. As a single adult, it seemed like a good way to experience parenting and, even, under the right circumstances, form a permanent family.  In 2017, she completed the training through CT Department of Children and Families and began her foster care journey. For the first two years, Alicia cared for a number of kids, all of whom either returned home to their parents or moved on to another family. Along the way, Alicia became certified to care for children with complicated medical issues. She’d found her calling. In July of 2019, Alicia received the call to care for a 5 month old baby boy with medical issues. Little did she know that this boy would remain with her forever, beginning a journey that also would include reuniting him with his two older sisters, all of whom are now adopted by this single mom.

Alicia is the kind of woman who loves hard, a woman with a soft place in her heart for children in need. This description would embarrass her as she desires no recognition for her selflessness. Shortly after the adoption of her 3 children, while chatting with a foster parent friend, Alicia heard about another little boy in DCF care who desperately needed a family – a 7-year-old little boy named Phillip with very significant medical needs. As a special education teacher, she was likely more comfortable with children whose needs can be complex and challenging, but the hands-on care – that is something entirely different. What Alicia knew though, was that this little boy needed a family and DCF was struggling to find the right fit for him. She wondered if the right fit could be her. This drove her to stretch out of her comfort zone, take a leap of faith that help would be there when she needed it, and ask about bringing Phillip into her growing family.  Alicia reached out to the DCF supervisor.

Jean Norvig is the supervisor for the foster care division unit in DCF supporting Alicia. Jean has done this work for many years and has deep relationships with many of the families who foster children from the Greater Danbury area. Jean and Alicia and Alicia’s support worker, Jerry, as well as Phillip’s DCF team of workers and supervisors met and talked about Phillip’s needs and Alicia’s ability to meet those needs. One advantage Alicia has is that as a special education teacher she has summers off making some of the challenges around childcare a bit more doable. She is also comfortable with children with differing abilities. They talked about how the department could help find support for Alicia given the big job she was willing to take on. Between all of them, they figured out how to make it work so Phillip could be cared for by Alicia. Ultimately, a decision to place Phillip in Alicia’s home was made and Phillip came home in January 2022.

Phillip is a sweet child. He is non-verbal and uses a wheelchair. He is fed through a feeding tube, and he requires assistance with all activities of daily life from bathing to dressing. He has an ongoing relationship with his dad and his sister which Alicia supports as she does for each of her children. Alicia’s girlfriend, Yvette, was a part of the decision to care for Phillip. Like Alicia, she has known Phillip since he was two, and Alicia says, “Yvette was fully supportive and onboard for bringing him into our family.” Even though they do not live together, Alicia and Yvette consider themselves family. Yvette also is a part of Phillip’s “care team.”  She went to the hospital and completed the same training Alicia received so that she could care for Phillip.  She frequently takes Phillip to doctors’ appointments. She is regularly in the home and always lends a helping hand. She is an occupational therapist, and so well-suited to meet Phillip’s needs. She provides overnight care on the rare occasions when Alicia treats herself to a little self-care.

Here’s where the rest of the village comes in. Many of Alicia’s friends and colleagues agreed to jump in when needed. Two different foster parents care for the children when there are early dismissals at school and during the four teacher in-service days over the school year when Alicia is required to work. Phillip needs one-on-one support with daycare as well as after-school care. Another friend helped out after school. Early morning care became the last hurdle. And after a few bumps in the road, Jean came up with the perfect plan – a “retired” foster mom named Darlene. Alicia, smiling, recalls it like this: “Jean had been reaching out to all her contacts. And then she remembered Darlene, a former foster mom so Jean reached out to her. And it ended up working and she got trained. Pretty sure she fell in love with all four kids.” Not only did Darlene agree to provide Phillip’s support before school, it turned out that Alicia would need her on Monday afternoons also and Darlene quickly jumped in to help.

Darlene and Jean began their relationship close to 21 years ago when Darlene became licensed to care for infants. Darlene describes herself as “a helper who likes being in the background.” Caring for babies in foster care was a perfect fit for her. Over her 21 year “career,” Darlene cared for 21 infants, the longest one for three years, each baby either returning home or moving on to adoption. Recently, she retired her license, explaining that she felt it was the right time to step down.  Jean approached her about Alicia’s need for before-school care and after some thought, Darlene agreed to help. She missed her foster care work, and this seemed like a good match for someone who no longer wished to provide full time care. Darlene explained, “You know, it's hard just to stop doing something like that.” Darlene lights up when she talks about Phillip.  Thinking back to when she first met him, Darlene said, “I was a little nervous because I wasn't exposed to Phillip's disabilities, but he's the cutest little thing. And even though he doesn't speak, he's non-verbal. He communicates with his eyes. It's hard not to fall in love with him.”

At first, Darlene just provided before school care. But within two weeks, this connection morphed into more than just childcare. Darlene explains, “I'm a foodie. I've been cooking for people for a long time. That's how I care about people. For years, Darlene was a stay-at-home mom. She says, “When I went out into the workforce, I went into catering. It's hard to understand the emotional and physical strains on Alicia. She’s just amazing to me So, I talked to her workers to see what I could do to help her, besides caring for Phillip. They said, ‘Oh, she's very self-sufficient. And, you know, she doesn't really require anything’ but I know the stronger you show yourself; the less people offer to help you.”

When it turned out that Darlene was needed on Monday afternoons for after school care, this all came together in her head. Monday night dinners. Initially, she worried that she might insult Alicia, so she reached out to Jean for advice. “She thought it would be okay to ask Alicia. And she said “no” right away. But I told her that I wanted to help, that I know how much is on her plate. And so, she finally said okay. So now I'll cook breakfast for the kids occasionally and bring it in the mornings. Because she has to get four kids ready, and she seems like she's good, but everyone can use help.” So, Darlene regularly prepares Monday night dinners for Alicia and her kids. Darlene says that Phillip loves to look at the food even though he is unable to eat it.

Darlene likens these dinners to her time as a foster parent. “People that don't foster say that you're taking care of somebody's kid and you're giving it up? And I don't know how many times I heard that. I don't know how you do that. I would get too attached. Well, I'm not a selfish person.” She believes that this did not win her a lot of friends, but she is comfortable with her life’s work. She goes on to say, “It's not about us. It's about them. Help the children, don’t help me.” So, this is what she does. She sees this as not only helping Alicia but as a way for her to continue to help the children.

Alicia really appreciates the meals and everything Darlene is doing for her. And Darlene is thrilled to be able to cook and bake for her little “adopted” family.  She takes great pride in trying to think up new and interesting meals – and especially desserts – Darlene’s favorite to make. On Hanukkah, Darlene made a beautiful spread for the family including homemade applesauce. Alicia texted her over and over that evening to say how delicious it was, so it is on Darlene’s list to repeat again. Darlene loves to bake so each Monday comes with a delicious dessert. Recently, she made black and white cookies. Alicia says, “Darlene also made everybody individualized Christmas presents. She sews so I asked her to adapt some clothing for Phillip, and she did that as well. She's multitalented.” Alicia goes on to say, “And I think she empathizes with me as well. So, it's nice to have that person there supporting us.”

Alicia, like all foster parents, does not know how long Phillip will be with her but for the time being Alicia and Darlene and the rest of Alicia’s village will pour all their love into Phillip allowing him to live his best life.

Recently, our agency director spoke with Jean rand the subject of these dinners came up. Jean was hoping we could collaborate and come up with some funding to offset the cost of the dinners Darlene so generously provides. So, we went to the community to raise money and folks generously responded. So far, we have raised over $300 to help offset the cost of the food. While Darlene was not looking for assistance with the costs, in this economy, we all felt that Darlene’s gift of time and talent should be met with equal community backing. Foster care is a labor of love and commitment. No one can do this kind of “job” entirely on their own. Most foster parents, like Alicia, develop a “village” of supporters, all helping in different ways. When a burden can be shared, almost anything is doable. There are over 3000 Connecticut children just like Phillip and Alicia’s other children deserving of a “village” to meet their needs. When we each do a little, a lot can get done. And these children deserve our best.

For more information on all the different ways you can help a child in foster care, please give our office a call at 475-235-2184.

Gift cards for Darlene and other helpers like her are needed and welcome. Donations can be made via Venmo to @AnnieCCourt.

Volunteers to provide a meal or respite are always in short supply and truly appreciated. Connecticut needs more foster parents like Alicia, and all our foster parents need their own village of helpers.

In the words of the writer, James Baldwin, “For these are all our children, we will all profit by or pay for what they become.”

Let’s be their village, let’s love them and care for them and help them achieve their highest potential.

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Ann's Place Fashion Show Model Spotlight: Alison DiPinto

Ann’s Place is thrilled to once again host its spring fashion show, On the Runway - Celebrating Role Models on April 28th at The Ridgefield Playhouse. The event is hosted by the hilarious Christine O'Leary. 

Now in its 7th year, the 2023 models will be wearing spring and summer fashions expertly curated by Audrey Road, located on Bailey Ave in Ridgefield. Tickets to the show are $30. Purchase tickets HERE.

Today we kick off our fashion show model spotlight series with our fabulous clinician Alison DiPinto.
Read a bit about why Alison is participating in this year’s show and learn how to support Ann’s Place here.


*With your donation, you are supporting the mission of Ann's Place- to provide comfort, support and resources to people living with cancer and to their loved ones- all free of charge. For more information on the fashion show and Ann's Place please visit their website:


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New Milford Arts Festival Call for Artists!

New Milford's Arts Festival will take place on Saturday, July 29, 2023 on the green.

Prospective artists should include up to 5 images of your work within the past 2 years.

For more information, download this letter from chairman Lou Mandler.

To apply, fill out the Google form - (sign in to Google to access the form).

The application deadline is April 14, 2023.

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G25 Gallery Art Show and Opening Reception on Saturday!

March 17–April 23, 2023

A new exhibit, ‘EMERGENCE’, showing the varied work of the 20 members of Gallery 25, including and introducing our newest member, painter Annie McAward, begins on March 17 and concludes on April 23.  An Opening Reception will be held on Saturday March 18 from 2-4:00pm and refreshments will be served. All are welcome to attend!

Gallery 25 features varied works of many local artists including: fused glass pieces, handmade jewelry from 2 artisan jewelers, handmade wooden creations and toys, lovely pottery from two potters, weavings, hand painted notebooks, felted bags , unique art photography as well as watercolors, graphite drawings from our portrait artist and oils , acrylics, pastels and collages -work of every genre.

The gallery is home to Southbury’s poet laureate (Faith Vicinanza) who has a book of her poems now on display.  Recently Gallery 25 featured Deborah Rose, New Milford’s poet laureate by not only exhibiting her art photography (thru February 26) as the gallery’s February Featured Artist, but also with a poetry reading for a well-attended audience on Feb 18.

The public is invited to a brand new Members Show at Gallery 25, March 17-April 23, 2023, with an opening reception Saturday, March 18 from 2-4:00 pm.

In addition, our March Featured Artist, Roberta Shea, will exhibit her nuanced and vigorous monoprints from March 3rd through April 1st.

Refreshments will be served at the March 18th reception.

Gallery 25 and Creative Arts Studio, New Milford Commission On the Arts is located at 11 Railroad Street in New Milford.

Learn more =>

Open Friday and Saturday 12-6:00 and Sunday 10-4:00

Learn more here.


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RVNAhealth Survey Regarding Parkinson's Disease

RVNAhealth is collecting information and feedback on a newly designed Parkinson's Center, dedicated to health and wellness for Parkinson's Disease (PD). 

If you live in our local CT/NY area and are a person with PD, a family member/caregiver of a person with PD, or a health or wellness professional working with PD patients, we'd love to get your input!  

This survey should take 5 minutes or less and all eligible participants may elect to be entered into a drawing for a $50 Amazon gift card (through March 31st). 

Take the survey HERE.

More information to come shortly on RVNAhealth's new Parkinson's Center!


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The Golf Performance Center and Golf Quest Announce Partnership to Bring Golf Instruction to the Masses!

The Golf Performance Center (The GPC) – a junior golf academy and industry thought leader in player development innovations, physical performance and golf skill instruction – has partnered with Golf Quest Range in Brookfield, CT to offer golf and physical coaching programs and instruction.

The Golf Performance Center will partner with Golf Quest Range in Brookfield, CT to provide all golf and physical instruction. Golf Quest customers will be able to participate in a wide range of instruction programs for golfers of all ages and skill levels as well as junior camps offered throughout the year. Instruction provided by PGA and GPC-certified instructors will allow area participants to receive premier-level instruction in a fun environment and for all age and skill levels. Whether picking up a club for the first time or ready to take their skills to the next level.

Golf Quest, located in Brookfield, CT, features 69 technology-enabled hitting bays, delicious food and drinks, and programs for all golfers. Golf Quest was purchased by Blue Jeans Golf  in November of 2021 and has been transformed into the premier public golf range in Connecticut. The range features Toptracer technology to bring virtual games, courses, and competitions to every bay.  Whether people are coming for their daily range session, birthday party, corporate event, or one of its golf leagues, Golf Quest has golf and fun for everyone.

“We are thrilled to bring over 25 years of golf coaching experience to the newly renovated Golf Quest and provide greater access to the game to the Ridgefield/Danbury/Brookfield area. This partnership allows us to further our mission of helping grow the game of golf and help people achieve their goals on and off the golf course in a fun and relaxed group environment.” – Roger Knick, Founder and CEO of The Golf Performance Center.

“We are excited to work with Golf Performance Center to bring golf instruction to Golf Quest. As the greater Brookfield area has embraced the New Golf Quest, we were seeking a first-class, local partner to help shepherd people along their golf journey, regardless of skill-level, background, or experience. This partnership is an exciting step forward to grow public golf in Connecticut, and we have a lot of fun, creative programs we can’t wait to bring to life.” – Michael Canfield Blue Jean Golf Co-Founder.



Group coaching programs delivered by GPC-certified coaches will begin April 1, 2023 offering drop-in programs for both adults and juniors as well as season passes.

A Spring Break Golf Camp for juniors will be held April 10th through the 13th for ages 7 to 16. Additional summer camps will also be offered.

For more information or to register for all programs visit Golf Quest’s program page here.

For more than 20 years, The GPC has successfully guided nearly 100 competitors as they prepare for golf at the highest levels. Alumni include multiple NCAA All-Americans, current and former student-athletes at 80 different colleges and universities and professionals who have won on the Korn Ferry Tour, Mackenzie Tour – PGA TOUR Canada and European Tour.

Located in Ridgefield, Conn., The GPC integrates state-of-the-art training facilities and expert coaching to help athletes reach their goals. Beginning with the one-of-a-kind “5 Elements of Success” evaluation, the academy delivers customized instruction designed to provide aspiring golfers with tools for long-term success.

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New Milford Mayor Pete Bass Announces Special Musical Virtual Town Hall!

A Special Musical Virtual Town Hall! Meet "4 Bar Cafe" + News/Updates & Live Q&A this Wednesday, March 15 beginning at 5:30 via Facebook Live

Local Musician Mike Scofield of “4 Bar Cafe” will join New Milford Mayor Pete on 3/15/23 to talk music!

You can read up and listen to samples of Mike's music via

Mayor Pete will also provide updates from around New Milford with live Q&A.

Visit Mayor Pete's Facebook page for great music and town updates HERE.

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Restaurant Week to kick off March 13 in New Milford

Local restaurants will soon celebrate dining and showcase the culinary talents of their chefs for the town’s upcoming Restaurant Week.

This year’s event, presented by the Town of New Milford, will run for two weeks – from March 13-27.

Multi-course specials will be served at fixed prices at fine dining, casual and other restaurants for $29, $37 and $45.

Both long-established and new establishments will participate.

In addition, exclusive deals will be offered at local eateries, cafés and other establishments.

A list of restaurants, along with their menus, will be posted on the town’s tourism and community site, Regular additions will be made to the list.

In general, restaurants have opted into certain meal prices throughout the weeks. However, customers are advised to check restaurant websites for hours of operation, regularly scheduled closings and specific windows of time during which prix fixed menus will be available.

Reservations are strongly recommended for most restaurants.

Parents looking for a night out may find the New Milford Youth Agency’s Parents’ Night Out, Restaurant Edition event helpful.

Children in grades K-8 are invited for activities, pizza and drinks March 21 and 23 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., giving parents time to go out for dinner while the kids have fun at The Maxx on Railroad Street. The cost is $10. To register in advance, visit

Follow “New Milford Restaurant Week” for chances to win gift certificates and stay on top of updates and announcements.

To learn more, visit

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Danbury Arena Launches the Area’s Premier Youth Hockey Training Program

The elite youth hockey experience includes boys and girls travel teams and clinics, staffed by highly experienced, professional coaches.

Building on the successes of its existing youth hockey offerings, Danbury Arena is excited to announce the launch of its elite-level youth Travel Hockey teams for both boys and girls.

Entering the upcoming 2023-24 season, the Hat Tricks Hickey will be fielding full and split-season teams at the 8U, 10U,12U,16U, and 18U levels. All teams will compete and play out of Danbury Ice Arena.

As part of Hat Tricks Hockey, members and their families joining will join the greater Danbury Hockey family with the best in instruction and skill development. 

“We are thrilled to add this premier travel team to our roster of programming for young hockey players in the region,” said Danbury Arena Travel Hockey Director Lou Pedatella. “Our world-class training facility, coaches, and staff give us the ability to offer an unmatched experience for player development and competitive exposure.”

Pedatella, a long-time hockey coach, was recently hired to oversee the Danbury Youth Hat Tricks program and has vast experience including acting as the NY Rangers Youth Hockey lead instructor since 2016. Throughout his career, he has helped orchestrate five national champion bids and three state championships, placing more than 30 players in the NCAA and in prep-school programs.

The Youth Hat Tricks have also enlisted Mark Cardillo as Program Director and Matyas Kasek as Head Skills Coach and Head Coach of the 10U and 12U teams. Cardillo boasts 20 years of hockey experience and has built a top-tier youth hockey program that produced multiple DVHL and National Championship teams. He’s also a former ice-rink owner who understands the importance of customer service and player development at all ages and levels. Kasek, a 2019-2020 team member and first-round pick for the 2020-2021 FPHL Hat Tricks team, is known for his exceptional skills in mentoring the next generation of players. He also helped develop Danbury Arena’s LTS, camps, and clinics.

“Our players will thrive under the expert knowledge and experience that Mark and Matyas bring as coaches and hockey directors. We’re excited to begin building a fun and competitive program that will elevate the level of hockey available to area players, fans, and families,” said Pedatella.

Visit tryout dates and registration beginning in March.

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TheatreWorks New Milford brings Cash On Delivery to the stage in May

TheatreWorks New Milford presents "Cash On Delivery" by Michael Cooney, directed by Gene Golaszewski

MAY 12, 13, 18 (PWYW), 19, 20, 21(MAT), 26, 27, SENIOR NIGHT MAY 11

This fast-paced British farce concerns a con artist who has duped the welfare authorities for years by claiming every type of benefit for the innumerable people he claims live at his address. He's sent scrambling when welfare investigators show up and he is forced to prove all of his borders are in fact real.

Learn more and purchase tickets HERE.

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48th Annual RVHAhealth Wellness Fair Set for Saturday, March 25th

RVNAhealth is proud to host the 48th Annual RVNAhealth Wellness Fair for preventative screenings on Saturday, March 25th from 9:00 am-12:00 pm at the East Ridge Middle School, at 10 East Ridge Road, in Ridgefield, CT. This event is free and open to the public and is designed to encourage preventative health and wellness for individuals of all ages.

Free Screenings and Expertise from Head to Toe

At the Wellness Fair, attendees will have the opportunity to receive a range of preventative health screenings, including blood pressure, cholesterol, anemia and glucose tests, as well as skin cancer screenings, hearing exams, podiatry screenings and carotid artery scans. You’ll receive detailed test results that you can take with you – no fee, no appointment, and no insurance card needed! In addition to these screenings, we will offer Covid-19 boosters for ages 12 and up and educational resources and information on healthy habits and lifestyle choices that can help prevent health problems. Wheel it Forward will also be on site collecting donations of lightly used durable medical equipment.

The event brings together RVNAhealth’s clinicians with other local experts in a variety of fields. It is made possible through the generous donations of sponsors, including BMW of Ridgefield, Brookdale Place, Bethel Health Care + Village Crest for Health and Rehabilitation, Homecare HomeBase, Ridgefield Crossings, Ridgefield Glass, The Vascular Experts and The Greens at Cannondale + Wilton Meadows. All attendees will be entered into a raffle for a gift basket generously provided by Adam Broderick Salon & Spa.

RVNAhealth Educational Resources

RVNAhealth will have physical therapists from the RVNAhealth Rehabilitation & Wellness Center who will provide balance testing, grip strength screenings and exercise tips to keep you rock steady. RVNAhealth’s own registered dietitian, Monica Marcello, will be onsite to answer questions and offer expertise.

RVNAhealth StayingWELL Services, which offers non-medical homecare services, and RVNAhealth Palliative and Hospice Services will all be on hand to provide information on services available to families and their loved ones who need help at home or are facing life-limiting illness.

RVNAhealth will also be accepting donations of healthy, non-perishable food items for its Food Pantry, which helps provide food for its homebound and low-income patients in need.

“Health screenings, which are known to prevent disease, have taken a hit over the past three years with the pandemic,” says Laura Shulman Cordeira, Director of Community Health, and Wellness at RVNAhealth. “Individuals from all walks of life continue to fall behind on these screenings. Here at RVNAhealth, we want to encourage and provide access to these services and remove any barriers – that’s why RVNAhealth has continued to offer this free annual event for nearly half a century. The Wellness Fair is not only an enjoyable day, but also a great opportunity for our community members to get their health back on track and get connected to services that further their wellbeing.”

RVNAhealth has been caring for the community for over 100 years, and the Wellness Fair has been an important part of our history. We’re proud to be able to bring these dedicated professionals together in one place and encourage everyone to take advantage of what the day has to offer.

And it’s all Free!

The RVNAhealth Wellness Fair is free, open to the public, and no appointments are necessary. It is an excellent opportunity to prioritize your health and wellbeing. Preventative health screenings can help detect potential health problems early, leading to better health outcomes and cost savings by avoiding more extensive medical intervention. Additionally, the Wellness Fair will provide a chance to connect with others in the community who are also focused on maintaining good health.

We encourage everyone to take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about preventative health and wellness. Ample parking is available onsite at East Ridge Middle School (10 East Ridge Road), with additional parking available at St. Andrew’s Church (6 Ivy Hill Road). For more information, call 203-438-5555 or visit for a complete list updated of exhibitors and sponsors. 

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New Milford Police welcome new officer Cassandra Almonte, promote Captain Wilcoxson to Deputy Chief!

Congratulations to our new New Milford Police Officer Cassandra Almonte who was recently sworn in and to Captain Wilcoxson who was promoted to Deputy Chief!

Officer Almonte transferred from the Bloomfield Police Department where she had been an officer for three years. She is bilingual and studied at WCSU.

Please join us in welcoming Officer Almonte and congratulating Deputy Chief Wilcoxson!

View additional photos on NMPD Facebook page

]]> (NMPD) Public safety Thu, 02 Mar 2023 11:17:06 -0500
New Milford Restaurant Week March 13-17, 2023

Celebrate the bounty of flavors in New Milford! Restaurant Week is March 13-17!

The Town of New Milford invites you to dine LOCAL during Restaurant Week! Participating New Milford restaurants are featuring special menus and deals for restaurant week. 

Reservations are highly recommended, so book your tables early. 

Participating restaurants (thus far) via Connecticut Restaurant Week include:

Greca Mediterranean Kitchen Bar – RW Menu Coming Soon – (860) 799-6586

Good Eats Restaurant & Bar – RW Menu Coming Soon – (860) 799-6611

La Piccolina – RW Menu Coming Soon – (860) 210-9669

Mommas Tacos – RW Menu Coming Soon – (860) 717-4577

Scooters Bar and Grill – RW Menu Coming Soon – (860) 799-7961

Tandoori Flames – RW Menu Coming Soon – (860) 210-0020

The Abbey – RW Menu Coming Soon – (860) 799-6464

The Iron Rail – RW Menu Coming Soon – (860) 799-5606

Theo’s Downtown Diner – RW Menu Coming Soon – (860) 355-0701

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