STUDIO D's newly formed dance company D-TOUR will debut at The 8th Annual Performing Arts Educators Invitational on January 18, 2014, 2 pm, at Carnegie Hall in New York City. STUDIO D is honored to receive an invitation to perform at this event. The Invitational will include performances by choral and dance groups performing noncompetitively for each other and for the love of their art.

D-TOUR, under the direction of STUDIO D's Artistic Director Rebecca Anderson Darling, is comprised of upper level Modern Dance students. It is an energetic and creative group of dancers who are passionate and dedicated dance students. This experience offers the dancers of D-TOUR an enriching opportunity to meet other artists, dance in a spectacular setting and share what they love with other people.

D-TOUR will perform in STUDIO D's Winter Showing in February 2014 and Studio D's 10th Anniversary Gala May 2014. STUDIO D is located on the Green at 27 Main Street, New Milford. For more information, contact STUDIO D at 860-350-2900 or www.rebeccadarling.com.

(front row:Lindsey Johanson,Kendall Ross, Maxine Parsons, Lea Krebs, Gabriella Esposito, Carolyn Gevinski, Emily Smeriglio, Allie Prontelli,  2nd row:Samantha Hawley,Gigi Esposito,Katie Lukens,Ashley Johanson,Lindsey Federowicz, Anna Silva, Amanda Tesoriero, 3rd row: Emmie Tesoriero, Alexa Esposito, Haylie Lasky,Katie Hawley, Micayla Flynn, Julia Venezia, Sydney Santos, back row: Elizabeth Hawley, Rebecca Johanson, Zoe Miolla, Alexis Yancoskie, Alexa Sullivan, Juliana Zaharevich, Cori Pacquin)


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