New Milford Public Schools Reopen After Last Week's Report of Positive COVID-19 Case

 Dr. Paul Smotas New Milford's Interim Superintendent of Schools provided an update to the school community after a school visitor tested positive for COVID-19 resulting in two-day school closure. All New Milford public schools reopened today, Monday, September 14 with Cohort A. Please read the important message below.

We have completed all of the CDC, Department of Public Health (DPH) and CT State Department of Education protocols related to our school closure. If you were not contacted by DPH, it is extremely likely that you were not exposed to COVID-19 from our community member (within six feet for 15 minutes or longer). 

It is important to remember that we/you must stay vigilant regarding your personal health protocols:

1. If you exhibit symptoms of COVID-19, stay home and get tested.

2. Continue to wear your mask at all times.

3. Maintain social distancing greater than six (6) feet.

4. Remain home if you test positive and notify your school.

5. Self-quarantine for 14 days if you have close contact to someone diagnosed with COVID-19 or who shows symptoms.

Remember, we are all members of the same New Milford community. We must continue to support, care for and cooperate as one large extended family.

The past three days were extremely stressful for parents, students and staff.

Unkind comments and accusations did nothing to help the situation; they only added to the stress. Please help me keep schools open for the future.

Stay vigilant, stay safe, stay healthy and most of all, show kindness and understanding.


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