The Corporation for New Milford Economic Development is Helping the Town’s Businesses Open One Door at a Time

The Corporation’s current initiative is to distribute critically needed personal protection equipment to business owners and it’s working—showing positive results!

New Milford, Ct. #OpenUpNewMilford is the rallying call of The Corporation for New Milford Economic Development… and yes, doors are opening, cash registers are ringing. The program created by The Corporation to provide safety equipment to small businesses is playing a pivotal role in helping business owners reopen their doors and get back to business.

And it’s working. “Our mission has been to take the pressure off of the town’s business owners by donating critically needed safety equipment, especially sneeze-guards, that are essential to meeting the state’s reopening guidelines,” says Oley Carpp, Chairman of the Corporation. He adds, “and yes, it’s working… over 70 sneeze guards have been distributed so far to businesses all over town.”

Board member, Kristin Gizzi, Adds, “The role of the CNMED is to assist with the growth of New Milford while preserving the integrity of the town… business owners are fortunate that CNMED was able to make funds available to assist local businesses in need. I am proud to be a board member along with individuals that truly care about New Milford and are invested in its growth and success.”

According to Tony Vengrove, Executive Committee Member of The Corporation, the program is available to all small businesses in New Milford and is on a "first come, first served" basis. “Business owners have told us consistently how much time, money and effort are required to prepare for re-opening. They appreciate having one less thing to chase down and pay for. Every little bit helps.”

Expressing her enthusiasm and gratitude, Nicky Grivois, co-owner of the popular River and Rail Café says, “We are so grateful to have received a plexiglass guard donated by The Corporation for New Milford Economic Development. Its function reassures our guests that we are operating safely, and that safety is our highest priority."

Another big thank-you and shout-out from Lupo Passero, owner of the Twinstar Community Apothecary, “I am truly grateful to the CNMED, who made these sneeze-guards available for the safety of our clientele and employees. As a small business owner, with many plates in the air and navigating so much unknown territory, this gift was one less thing I had to worry about. They provided one for each of my business locations and the process of getting them was quick, convenient and easy. Again, a big thank you!"

Adds Dino Kolitsas, owner of the Greca Mediterranean Kitchen & Bar,

“The CNMED truly stepped up in helping small businesses to secure plexiglass sneeze-guards. We appreciate the cost savings, of course, but even more so the fact we did not have to run around looking for vendors—giving them specs and requirements. With our time and resources already stretched thin, this was a tremendous help.”

Although Plexiglass sneeze guards for businesses with face to face interaction is the primary focus of this program in addition, business owners can apply for more equipment such as infrared thermometers. Applications can be obtained by emailing Karen Pollard at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Each will be reviewed by the CNMED on a case-by-case basis.  




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