Last Week's Candlewood Lake Search Results in No Evidence of Zebra Mussels

This past Friday, July 24th, Candlewood Lake Authority conducted an additional dive at 3 locations in Candlewood Lake to search for Zebra Mussels.

This dive consisted of two trained divers searching for over an hour at the location where the single mussel was found in May, a location in New Milford, and a new location in Sherman.

The divers did not find any Zebra Mussels or any evidence of Zebra Mussels at those locations.

Thank you to Carl and Dave of C & D Maintenance for volunteering their time for this important program! While this is obviously good news, we are continuing to search, since this does not mean we can confirm for certain that there are no mussels in the lake. We are taking water samples to test for Zebra Mussel DNA and looking for larvae under a microscope.

Additionally, our citizen scientists have deployed nearly 30 monitoring stations all around the lake, so we are keeping our eyes peeled!

We will post any additional test results to Facebook and via our email list: https://www.candlewoodlakeauthority.org/stayinformed

*Image courtesy Candlewood Lake Authority Facebook Page.


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