Online Candidate Forum in Western Connecticut

Part of a series of virtual candidate forums focused on arts and culture and happening regionally around the state connecting voters and candidates.

 Newly elected officials must quickly address complex issues facing our state. To rebuild our economy, revitalize our neighborhoods, and reimagine our way of life during and beyond the pandemic, representatives in Hartford must understand that supporting and protecting the arts and culture sector is paramount.

In an ongoing effort to communicate that Connecticut can't recover without the arts, the CT Arts Alliance and the State's designated regional partners or DSROs, have organized "Create The Vote", a statewide series of virtual candidate forums to focus attention on the importance of the arts and culture. 

As a partner of Create The Vote, the Cultural Alliance of Western Connecticut is following up with candidates who completed the Create The Vote survey last month to participate in this public forum to discuss their plans to strengthen the arts and culture sector in the State.

October 22 from 6-7 PM