Connecticut Fire Academy Offers Winter Fire Safety Tips

The financial situations of many American families have caused many to look into alternative heating sources for their homes. Improper installation and use of these heating units can cause an increase in home fires during the winter months. A few simple safety rules should be reviewed to keep your home and family safe this winter.

         “Whether you use a wood stove, pellet stove or a fireplace, routine maintenance is the best safety tip,” reminded Alan Zygmunt, Public Information Officer for the Connecticut Fire Academy, “this rule also applies to your regular furnace.”  

  •         Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when having maintenance done on your heating unit.
  •         Contact your local Fire Department or Building Official to obtain a building permit and inspection for the installation of any new alternative heating device prior to use.
  •         Watch how you dispose of hot ashes after use as well, ash can retain heat for many hours so store them in a metal container well away from the home.  
  •         Have your chimney inspected by a professional chimney cleaning company annually to ensure no loose bricks or cracks that could cause Carbon Monoxide to leak into the home.
  •         Lastly, have working Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors in your home and practice your escape plan with your family.

These simple tips will help to keep your family safe this winter, and if you need additional information contact your local fire department or you can go to The national Fire Protection Administrations (NFPA) website here

The Connecticut Fire Academy is the teaching arm of the Connecticut Commission on Fire Prevention and Control. Part of their mission is educating the public in fire and burn prevention.


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