Connecticut Breast Imaging is hosting two Open Mammo Days, no appointment necessary!

What is a Women’s Imaging Center?

A women’s imaging center offers a variety of diagnostic tests that are specific to women’s health. Because women have different body structures and health concerns than men, an imaging center that focuses on the female anatomy, emotional and psychological constitution of women is a wonderful concept. By providing a variety of different breast, bone, and gynecological scans, and making scheduling recommendations, women’s imaging centers can help women diagnose diseases early. They are also diagnostic hubs for women who are pregnant and require regular monitoring. 

A women’s imaging center can be an excellent option for women looking for services tailored to their bodies’ specific needs. Many women prefer these centers as they also tend to provide a more comforting and understanding environment for women. At Connecticut Breast Imaging, highly trained breast radiologists interpret various imaging modalities, and perform biopsies, and have a comforting and accessible patient-centered approach.

In honor of October Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Connecticut Breast Imaging is hosting two Open Mammo Days on October 15, 2022 and November 12, 2022– no appointment necessary! Mammogram screenings will be available at the Danbury office, located at 2 Riverview Drive in the Berkshire Corporate Park (Suite 104) from 8-4 pm.

The goal of the Open Mammo Days is to raise awareness and encourage the community to get the routine breast imaging and consultations they need. Aside from Open Mammo Days, Connecticut Breast Imaging is open weekdays, evenings, and weekends; come before work, during lunch, or after work for your mammogram!

To learn more about Women’s Imaging Centers, read the full article by visiting Connecticut Breast Imaging’s website here. Contact us online, or call us at 203.791.9011, to schedule a breast cancer screening and discuss your specific needs and breast cancer risk.

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