NASA Ambassador Series at C.H. Booth Library: Mission Jupiter on May 23

NASA Ambassador Series: Mission Jupiter  on Tuesday, May 23, 6:00 pm In-Person and via Zoom

The ongoing search for life in our solar system is expanding, past Mars to the ocean worlds of the outer solar system. With the likelihood of global oceans beneath their icy exteriors, these enigmatic realms offer the tantalizing possibility of habitability.

Today’s talk focuses on: the Jovian system (a solar system within our solar system), the Galilean satellites, and the past, present and future missions that unlock the mysteries of these distant domains.

Bill Cloutier, is our presenter and a NASA Solar System Ambassador.  JPL supports the program with briefings from prominent astronomers, scientists, engineers, technicians and collaborative organizations.  Bill is a cofounder of the John J. McCarthy Observatory in New Milford, CT.  Register on our website calendar to receive the FREE Zoom link:

Submitted by Newtown, CT

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