Newtown and Sandy Hook residents graduate from Wooster School

Congratulations to Wooster Graduates of the Class of 2023 from Newtown and Sandy Hook Grayce Amos, David Beylouni and Matt Hoekenga


Wooster School held its Commencement Exercises on Friday, June 9 to celebrate the graduation of the Class of 2023. These seniors join more than 3,000 alumni who have graduated since Wooster's founding in 1926.

President of the Wooster School Board of Trustees, Allen Purkiss offered remarks to Wooster's soon-to-be graduates. “So much of your life has been about school. This is the beginning of the next stage of your life, which Wooster has prepared you for. And regardless of where you are going or what you are going to do, from now on it’s in your hands.” Purkiss added, “During the next few years, there will be an abundance of opportunity for new and exciting things. As you go off and you are surrounded by all of these new and interesting opportunities, I would urge you to try one or two. Seize the day - go for it. You will be a better and more interesting person, and you will have so much fun!”

Class orator Selah Hess ‘23 delivered some heartfelt remarks. “As we close this chapter in our lives, reflect on the pieces that worked. Gather fresh and new pages, and prepare to write the next section but don’t forget what you learned in the previous one. No matter what your next chapter looks like, or how it plays out, from new beginnings to season finales, you will always have a piece of Wooster with you. You will always be a General.” Hess added, “Wooster left its handprint in the wet cement of our hearts and minds, a reminder and comfort to carry with us into our futures. The people that we became because of Wooster will always remain a part of us.”

Before the seniors received their diplomas, Head of School Matt Byrnes spoke to the graduating class. “Each of us has to create our own meaning from life. That’s going to be one of the big questions for you as you set out into the world of independence and agency. One great thing to do is read about it, think about it, talk about it. What does it mean? Keep wondering, keep making it happen. Understanding starts in the center – with you, and your wellbeing.” Byrnes added, “How you live will become your center, the thing around which the people you come to love on your journey will revolve. The things that you do will become your center. And while your center matters, so does the universe. Consider that you are always a part of something bigger than yourself.” Byrnes concluded, “Thank you all so much, Class of 2023, for everything. Be well, keep working on your center, stay connected and keep listening to the universe. We love you and will miss you.”

Congratulations to the Great Class of 2023 for all of their accomplishments!

Wooster School Class of 2023

Matt Amarante

Tiffany Amoah

Grayce Amos

Ioanna Aspras

Jackson Benett

Shelby Bernstein

David Beylouni

Chris Bishop

Evan Bourgeault

Hannah Breen

Kate Breen

Katherine Breen

Harrison Brown

Robert Cerniglia

Leela Choudhury

Sophia Cilento

Molly Clark

Emily Clee

Cara Costigan

Eian Cushnie

Presley Damiano

Annie De Rosaire

Sutton Dean

Sahara DiClemente

Ryan Doyle

Sadie Drahzal

Grace Duvall

Cole Edwards

Katie Esposito

Sloane Fleming

Katelyn Fox

Cole Gomulinski

Campbell Greenberg

Selah Hess

Tessa Higgins

Matt Hoekenga

Christian Kim


Daschel Knuff

Lizzie Lee

Gavin Lepore

Michael LoGiudice

Chris Lopes

Lola Ludwig

Grace Murphy

Elise Newman

Luc Parr

Cece Purkiss

Carolina Rafael

Max Rainville

Henry Rexford

Gabrielle Saffan

Yabi Segalla

Kaylie Singhal

Leo Straiton

Luke Thornbrough

Jonah Wald

Sam Wizda

Ben Ye

Lillian Zhao

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