Holy Cow! Father Bob Ice Cream?

Ice Cream MaryAnn

Here’s the scoop: Holy Cow Ice Cream is serving up some new flavors that are simply divine!  Named after their neighbors, the St. Rose Parish priests, these heavenly palate pleasers are hard to resist.

There’s the Lukie, named after Father Luke Suarez.  It’s half vanilla, half chocolate, and mixed with bits of Oreos.

There’s the Iggy Special, named after Father Ignacio Ortigas   It’s half coffee, half cheesecake and 100% delicious.

Believe it or not, the Father Bob, toasted almond with Buttterfinger, sold out already, and ice cream season has just begun.

Co-owner Jason Rabatin, pictured here,  assures me that Holy Cow is expanding its spiritual line of ice cream.  He’s already spoken with Rabbi Shaul Praver and the folks at the Methodist Church.  Maybe Trinity, Congregational, Walnut Hill, and the Muslim Society over on Mt. Pleasant Road will join in the fun. The Holy Cow welcome all faiths.

If you had an ice cream named after you, what ingredients would you include?  Maybe some devils food cake? Oh, no, make that angel food.


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